How to Recreate the Coastal Style Kitchen Look in Your Home

Coastal Style Kitchen

The coastal-style kitchen is the hallmark of a refined and relaxed style. It gives homeowners the same feeling like a trip to the beach, without all of the sand in their shoes. Even if a homeowner does not live by the beach, there is nothing stopping them from including many of the same elements. Natural materials and lighter colors are common elements in these instances.

Homeowners also have a sizable amount of flexibility in these instances, as they can incorporate as many (or as few) beach-related elements as they desire. There are bound to be any number of questions and concerns that will arise during this process. That’s why it is important to speak with experienced professionals. 

The following guide is here to provide all sorts of tips, pointers, and decor ideas so that homeowners are able to make all of their dreams come true.

Open Shelving

Coastal-style kitchens are supposed to provide a light and airy feel. Without open shelving, the kitchen is made to feel cramped, which defeats the purpose of recreating the coastal-style kitchen in the home. With open shelving, the overcrowding that usually takes place in a kitchen setting is eliminated entirely. This also provides the homeowner with more space for added storage.

Aiming For That Classic West Coast Appeal?

A homeowner does not have to reside on the west coast to enjoy the classic west coast appeal. These coastal kitchens are known for their bright and happy appeal. Cream and white paint are typically used for the walls in these types of kitchens, setting the tone for things to come. The lower cabinets are where the homeowner can get a little more creative with their choices, selecting vibrant colors offer up a greater level of interest.

Wood flooring is often chosen by those who are aiming for a more classic west coast appeal, too. Since it is reminiscent of driftwood, it is an easy choice for these types of kitchens. The same goes for the inclusion of natural elements, including window treatments and woven rattan stools. These types of choices add a certain sense of earthiness to the room, creating the desired feelings of warmth.

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The coastal-style kitchen is known for its minimalism. That’s why it is important to choose the right cabinets (more on that in a second) and backsplash. For example, blue/grey cabinets allow homeowners to avoid a more muted vibe while maintaining the spirit that the coastal kitchen is designed to evoke in the first place. A pearl backsplash will also work well with a more minimalist kitchen. There’s no need to overdo it in these instances.

Frameless Cabinets

Keeping with the minimalist vibes, frameless cabinets from companies like Authentic Custom Cabinetry are the most common to go to in these instances. They are the best choice for this particular aesthetic. The luxury and elegance of these cabinets are unrivaled. With a minimalist design like this, the kitchen is able to come to life far more easily. The transformation that takes place because of these frameless cabinets cannot be overstated.

These cabinets have become very popular in Europe in recent years and now they are making their way across the pond. There are a number of options for homeowners to choose from as well. Some may prefer a glossier, bolder color, while there are others who would rather choose a wood grain texture. Frameless cabinets will not only provide added storage space but are also a more innovative way of storing all of the kitchen items that have a way of cluttering things up.

Choosing The Best Accessories

Accents and accessories are always used in the coastal-style kitchen. The process of choosing the best accessories will depend on the color schemes that have been chosen elsewhere. For example, an all-white kitchen will benefit immensely from the addition of bold pieces, which help to create a more fun vibe. Bold pieces also work well in coastal-style kitchens that rely on natural textures.

These kitchens also tend to look their best when shades of blue are added. Table runners are a wonderful method for adding color to the room. The same goes for vases and woven baskets. The truly thoughtful homeowners may even manage to incorporate items that they have found along the shoreline.

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Natural Furniture

To add to the coastal feel, the furniture that is chosen for these rooms should be as informal as possible. The furniture is chosen for its sturdiness and its simplicity. Traditional hardwood is the best choice for the coastal kitchen, as it creates the desired look without potentially overwhelming the rest of the decor that the room has to offer. This is important, as the coastal kitchen tends to provide a less ostentatious look.

Those who truly want a natural look will often choose furniture that has not been finished yet. Or, they may select pieces that have a natural finish, as a means of sticking with the current motif. The furniture that is chosen for the kitchen island also tends to play a key role here. For starters, one of the fastest ways to create a beach-like atmosphere is by choosing woven chairs for this area of the room.

To further build on that feel, woven chairs are a great choice for the kitchen table. Woven rugs pull the room together and add texture, too. Homeowners who are in search of added fabrics that will add to the natural texture of the coastal kitchen by adding linens to the kitchen.

Color blocking is another common design principle in the coastal kitchen that will affect furniture choices. Bar stools are chosen in this manner, to enhance the room’s classic appeal. Many homeowners choose bar stools that are different shades of blue. This adds a bit of color to a room that tends to be more neutral.

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