6 Reasons to Choose Implants Over Other Dental Solutions

Other Dental Solutions

Brisbane is the third-largest city in Australia and the state capital of Queensland. It is one of the most liveable cities globally based on key metrics for quality of life. Thus, Brisbane attracts many families from all over, giving the city a population of various ethnicities. Here are some useful reasons to choose implants over other dental solutions.

Brisbane’s excellent health care system is one of the many things that attract people to the city. Four private hospitals, eight public hospitals, and other smaller clinics make quality health services accessible to over two million Brisbanites that live in its metropolitan area. They also have access to the finest dental clinics in Australia. Case in point, the best partial denture implants Brisbane has to offer are instrumental in improving the quality of life for many people in the city. Here are some reasons why you should choose implants over other dental solutions:

Permanent Solution to Loss of Teeth

Other tooth replacement solutions need periodic repair or replacement, which means that you would need to reinvest from time to time. Dental implants offer a more permanent solution. They are designed to fuse naturally with your bones and would easily last for 20 to 30 years.

Easier to Maintain

Temporary dental solutions require much time and effort to care for. They need to be removed and cleaned after every meal to prevent food from accumulating beneath the dentures. Some require the use of adhesive to secure them on the gums. This is not a problem with the best partial denture implants Brisbane has to offer. With implants, you only need to perform the usual hygiene measures that natural teeth need, like brushing and regular cleaning at a dental clinic.

Prevent Bone Loss

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Loss of teeth is usually followed by loss of bone mass at the jaw area. The reason is that teeth provide stimulation to the bone during chewing and biting. Without it, the jawbone would gradually weaken. Denture implants can help prevent this by replacing your natural teeth and providing the stimulation that your bone needs to maintain its mass.

Implants Look Natural

If you want a natural-looking set of teeth, you need the best denture implants Brisbane has to offer. Dentists can easily customise denture implants to match your unique needs. They come in many shapes and sizes, and the texture can be matched to the surrounding teeth.

Restore Oral Health

Tooth-supported other dental solutions options like fixed bridges require the reduction of remaining teeth. This will be detrimental to your oral health in the long run. What is more, they do not stimulate growth to the bone beneath them, which compounds the situation.

With partial denture implants, your oral health will be restored. Denture implants are anchored directly to the jawbone, removing the need to reduce your existing teeth.

Better Nutrition

With missing or lost teeth, your ability to bite forcefully is reduced. This means that you have to be selective about the food you eat. What is more, it undermines your ability to chew properly, making it harder to absorb the nutrients from the food you do manage to eat. With denture implants, you won’t have to be restrictive about what you eat, which means that you have more access to healthy foods. You would also be able to chew properly and make it easier for your system to absorb the nutrients.

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