Jeffree Star’s First Date Did His Makeup

Jeffree Star's first date

Makeup has become a daily companion for many people. Half of them do it for personal reasons, and others opt it as a profession. But whatever may be the reason, the demand for makeup has only gotten high in the recent few years. It is because the makeup industry has opened several doors, which had made it accessible to everyone.

Moreover, it is the internet era. So everyone wants to look flawless, and makeup helps them with that. There is one thing that every makeup lover intends to achieve, i.e., they want their partners to do their makeup. Some of the beauty bloggers can be seen doing this already by asking their partners to do their makeup. A few get it right, and others do not. However, this was only about mates or at an extent, friends. Have someone ever imagined that their first date would do their makeup? While this stands as a vague concept for people, Jeffree Star’s first date actually did his makeup.

Before talking more about Jeffree Star’s recent video, let’s first know more about him and who was Jeffree Star’s first date.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star's first date

“The next Lady Gaga,” as described by Akon, Jeffree Star has had an amazing career history. He started off as a popular user of MySpace, which was an American social networking website. There he used to blog about his self-image and other life issues. Along with that, he covered topics like beauty, fame, and fashion in his posts.

Star wanted big from life, so he moved out of social media and entered the music industry. His first album ‘Beauty Killer’ got released in 2009, in which other singers like Matt Skiba and Nicki Minaj also featured. The album was a hit everywhere. After that, Star was offered a contract with Akon’s record label ‘Konvict Muzik.’ However, the story of that contract did not move forward because of some on-going legal issues with Akon.

In 2013, Star left the music industry abruptly. But that was not the end of his career. He made a return to fame with his own beauty brand in 2014. The brand was named “Jeffree Star Cosmetics.” As mentioned above, the cosmetics industry has gained popularity in the recent few years. So this surge in demand for makeup helped Star become popular with his brand.

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Along with these things on the side, Star has also been running a successful YouTube channel from the year 2006. Making a massive amount of $18 million from the platform, Star is the fifth-highest-paid YouTuber. His channel has over 18 millions of subscribers. For people who think Star was always famous on YouTube, this doesn’t seem right. He became much popular only after launching his beauty brand.

His popularity on YouTube can be seen through the stats. His latest video that shows Jeffree Star’s first date do his makeup has already got over five million views. His fans always love him.

Who Was The Date?

That brings us to our next topic of discussion, what was Jeffree Star’s first date?

Jeffree Star broke up from his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in this year’s start. As he mentioned in his latest video, he has been single for six months. So when he finally decided to date, Jozea Flores was at his door. Flores is known for being a contestant in The Challenge and Big Brother.

Born in 1991, Jozea Flores is originally from New Jersey, and he now lives in California. People might be shocked to know that Flores also belongs to the cosmetics industry. Along with beauty, Big Brother, and The Challenge, Flores has been seen on several other TV shows. The good looking guy is popular himself, as he has got over 149k followers on Instagram.

Jeffree Star’s First Date Doing Makeup

Jeffree Star's first date

For people who have always imagined their friends or partners doing their makeup, this will be a section of little jealousy.

At the beginning of the video, Star welcomed Flores in a bathrobe, and the two discussed if Star would go out like that or not. After having a little talk, they moved to the kitchen, where Star revealed his intentions. At first, Flores was a bit hesitant with the concept of ‘Jeffree Star’s first date does his makeup’ video. But then he agreed to do his makeup before they went out on the date.

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The two proceeded to the camera setup and started with the makeup process. Here is the procedure Flores followed on Star.

  • Flores started off the makeup routine by applying a thin layer of the Sisley primer on Star’s face. Flores revealed that he used to work for Sisley and went to several places on their behalf.
  • The next step was the foundation. For that, Star mixed two shades because he has been a little tanned in this quarantine. After Star mixed shades well on his hand, he gave the sponge to Flores who applied the foundation.
  • For concealer, Flores chose two shades. One was a little lighter, and the other one was a little dark, which balanced the things out. He applied concealer on under eyes, and the high points of Star’s face.
  • After powder, blush, and contour, Flores moved to eye shadow. There he showed a little creativity which turned out to be amazing.
  • For the final touches, he applied fake lashes, highlighter, lipstick, and lipgloss.

The final result came out to be great, which even most beauty experts fail to achieve. Once they were done with the makeup, the two went to the gym. There, Flores showed some of his favourite exercises to Star. And the video ended with Star and Flores trying out a few of them.


Jeffree Star’s latest video is a dream for many, but not everyone can achieve what Jeffree Star’s first date did to him. It can serve as an amazing makeup tutorial for people as the two talked around makeup while Flores did his work. Also, the chemistry that they shared seemed to be beautiful. However, only time will tell where these two go with their relationship. For any further updates, people can follow Star’s YouTube channel that runs with the name ‘Jeffreestar.’

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