Top 5 Trends for SEO in 2022

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Are you looking for popular content and marketing strategies for your business? It’s sometimes difficult to figure out what the best ways are to market your company and brand. You can do some things on your own, but it helps when you have the assistance of an agency such as Zgraph. Here are 5 of the leading trends in web marketing this year.

Voice Searches

Voice search technology certainly has come a long way. In the last few years, it’s become increasingly popular. In fact, the estimate for households owning a smart speaker in 2022 is 55 percent. Be sure to focus on keywords and longer phrases. (fluticasone) Voice searches typically work better with longer phrases, since many people abbreviate when they type.


It’s said that about 73 percent of Internet users will use only mobile devices by 2025. This is why it’s a good idea to strengthen your mobile platforms, so you can appeal to a broad range of people looking for your products and services. The greatest amount of traffic will be through this channel. For this reason, web designers are sure to work on features that don’t depend on using keyboards, like virtual reality and augmented reality.


It’s truly effective to include as many videos as possible in your SEO strategy. YouTube is at the top of this market, but you don’t have to use this platform. You can use any quality video streaming program for this purpose. Make sure that if you do go to YouTube, you optimize your channel name, provide accurate and complete descriptions, make good use of keywords, and have a link in a prominent spot on your website.

Social Listening

Pay attention to what’s being said on your social media handles. It’s a good way to track your customers’ feedback and any mention made of your brand/company. You also can monitor discussions of certain keywords, topics, and of your competitors in your niche. This will allow you to gain greater insight and take advantage of any opportunities.

People Also Ask

This is a great feature that’s on Google. It’s important that you provide answers to common questions that will come up for your content. Use a keyword research tool so that you can identify long-tail question keywords for your audience. Include these questions in your H2s, H3s, H4s, or add in a FAQ section to your site.

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