Don’t Fall Victim to Seasonal Allergies: 9 Natural Allergy Remedies That Work

natural allergy remedies

Allergies can take a toll on your health, sleep, and mood. If you suffer from allergies, several natural allergy remedies can help relieve your symptoms. From how allergies work to the best home remedies, we have your go-to allergy guide.

Don’t let allergies hold you back from enjoying life. Get some relief and feel more like yourself. Check out these sure-fire allergy remedies to keep you feeling great this allergy season.

1. Use a Humidifier

If you think humidifiers should only be used in the winter or when you’re sick, think again. But do humidifiers help with allergies? The answer is yes. Humidifiers are one of the best home remedies for allergies.

A humidifier will help to break up and clean out mucus membranes in your nose and nasal passages. Mucous membranes are where pollen and other allergens stick. The steam and humidity work to break up the mucus so that you can breathe better.

Make sure to get a humidifier that is larger than you think you need. They can only help you if they can reach you. Make sure to clean your humidifier often, as well.

2. Keep Your Nose Clean

Because pollen, dust, pet dander, and other allergens get stuck in the mucus in your nose, you’ll want to keep your nose clean. While your body does a great job at this, people with allergies may need an extra boost.

Use a neti pot or saline spray to clean your nasal passages and flush out the pollen and other allergy triggers. Speak with your doctor or allergist about the proper way to use a natural nasal irrigation treatment to make sure you’re doing so safely.

3. Manage Your Stress Levels

Stress can affect a lot more than just your mental health and mood. If you suffer from allergies, stress can make your symptoms worse. The body’s stress hormones can affect everything from your sleep to your immune system. Seasonal allergies can be made much worse with a compromised immune system and lack of sleep.

Keep your stress levels down by making time for self-care. Go for a walk, listen to music, go to bed early, or take a long shower. Whatever you can do to decompress will help get your stress levels down.

Make sure you are also getting plenty of sleep. The worse you’re sleeping, the more anxious and stressed you might feel.

4. Give Acupuncture a Try

The ancient art of acupuncture has been used for centuries to help with illness. An acupuncture treatment will fight the imbalance in your body that is causing you to experience allergy symptoms.

To relieve your allergy symptoms, make an appointment with an acupuncturist, and tell them about where you’re having trouble. They will use pressure points to fight your body’s reaction to specific allergens. Acupuncture can also calm your nerves and combat stress.

5. Look to Herbal Remedies

Some of the best remedies for allergy sufferers are herbal. Butterbur, for example, is an herb that acts as a natural antihistamine. Quercetin can be found in apples, onions, and black tea. This nutrient can block your body’s natural reaction to release histamines.

6. Clean House

Common allergens such as pollen, dust, and pet dander, can be found all over your home. To help keep your allergies at bay, you should clean your house regularly. While it isn’t always possible to do a deep clean, sweeping, vacuuming, and wiping surfaces can do wonders.

Allergens tend to stick to fabric and carpet fibers. Focus your cleaning on fabric sofas, chairs, rugs, and carpeting. The less dander and pollen there, the cleaner your nasal passages will be. If you have a lot of clutter around, don’t let it sit there and accumulate dust.

If you have a pet, even if you aren’t allergic to them, their dander can be making your allergies worse. Get them groomed regularly and give them plenty of brushes. This will help keep the dander levels down.

7. Make an Appointment with a Chiropractor

The better shape and health you’re in, the better your immune system will function. A chiropractor can help relieve the stress you feel on your nervous system. Chiropractic exercises and treatments help to calm your nerves and will give your immune system a much-needed boost.

8. Detox

Since we know that stress can make allergies worse, it’s no wonder that other toxins can do the same. Alcohol, nicotine, and harmful drugs can affect your liver function and inflammation levels.

The food you eat or drink can also affect your immune system and bodily functions. Instead of focusing on keeping allergens out, your body will be working hard on managing toxins from your diet.

Take some time to wipe the slate clean and detox. The cleaner you’re eating, the better your body will feel. Eating foods rich in vitamins and nutrients will help to keep your immune system running in great shape.

9. Use a Probiotic

Allergies are partially caused by an imbalance in the body’s immune system. Your body is reacting too strongly to stimuli in your environment. A probiotic will introduce helpful bacteria into your gut. These can help to boost your immune system and balance your body’s reaction to allergens.

Natural Allergy Remedies to Try at Home

If you suffer from allergies, finding natural allergy remedies that work can be a game-changer. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll also enjoy a better quality of life. With these tips and home remedies, you’ll find some much-needed natural allergy relief.

From keeping your home clean to using a humidifier, these remedies can greatly reduce your allergy symptoms. For more great tips and content, check out the health section for additional ideas and resources.

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