9 Ways to Stay Safe on Social Media

stay safe on social media

Social networking is playing a very vital role in everyone’s life. Many people use different social media sites various times per day to connect with friends and family, to post photos, and also to meet new people.

Social media is beneficial nowadays. It involves some risks such as there may be the possibility of criminal activity like stalking, hacking, bullying, etc. It is essential to face these problems and take strict actions against them. All we need to do is protect ourselves from these crimes and be saved while using social media. Check out http://smstrackers.com/tracking-someones-facebook-messages-is-now-possible/ to know more about it. While avoiding hazards, users will need to understand and follow a set of essential safety tips that are easy to remember and highly effective.

Here are some ways which will help you to stay safe from social media:

#1 Click link with caution

Whenever you click on any link on social media make sure that you are aware of the result will be viewed to you. Generally, the links are modified in such a way that you feel that this what I was looking for but it is not the same.

#2 Adjust privacy and security settings

You are always given a provision to adjust the privacy and security settings according to your use. Moreover, every social media application asks to keep your profile picture hidden until and unless you are running a business where it has to be shown more and more people so that they could follow you.

#3 Keep passwords strong

It is a great idea to create a password that can not be guessed by someone. For example, do not use secure passwords such as your birth date or might be something related to the name. It might get it easy for someone else to hack into your account. Strive not to use the same password you use for other accounts, either. The password must be of both numbers and characters. Note that you should change your passwords frequently.

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#4 Befriend those who you know

While several people are using social media to meet new people, it is not always a great idea. Social media might be an excellent method to remain in touch with family members and friends that don’t live close by, but it can be dangerous if you are using it as a platform to meet new people. You can’t get to know someone by meeting them online. It is a good idea only to be friends with people you know in person. This way, you know you can trust them with your posts and pictures.

#5 Verify people and pages

Before you accept a friend or follow a request, view on the individual’s page. If you identify them and can confirm that by the information available, then it ‘sits probably safe to approve them. But if the information on their profile page doesn’t seem to add up, or you’re not convinced if you know them, don’t afraid to refuse a request.

#6 Block unfriendly followers

Accepting a request from unknown accounts can invite some hackers or people who do the wrong thing just for pleasure. This will also snatch the significance of privacy and policy settings which block the user to view your profile till the point you don’t confirm that person as your friend.

#7 Think then post

Your post shouldn’t be a reflection of what you think because not every person can have the same thought process. This can invite some people who stand against you and will try to harm your personality. Post something which is neutral as per society.


#8 Install antivirus software

Make assured that any network you used to access social media has antivirus software. Because of the quite amount of posts and links and profiles related to social media sites, it’s elementary for viruses to hide within the content, especially if you do accidentally click on the other link. Good antivirus software will protect your pages against viruses that are seeking to take your information.

#9 Do Not Violate Social Media Policies

Always familiar with the terms and conditions that regulate social media. Go through with the terms and conditions and accept them wisely. You should nevermore give company-specific details online for some companies; this may even change as the sharing of job secrets and can invade you in big problems.

You can never be too careful if it comes to social media. However, make sure you follow these safety tips so that you can enjoy social media safely.

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