8 Hollywood Movies That You Must Not Miss To Watch

Hollywood movies

All movie fans wait for that particular moment when the movie will take them to their own world. Many people have said that they have received such moments from the movies like Avatar, Avenger: End Games, and Titanic. This is because these movies have been a commercial hit, was dubbed in the Hindi language and is very popular in India.

The YouTube channel by the name “Abhi Ka Review” will cover some of the best Hollywood movies, which you need to watch anyhow. If you are a hardcore fan of movies, then after watching these films you will question yourself of not watching them before. The movies that are listed by “Abhi ka Review” are some of the hidden gems of Hollywood that you must give it a go.

Hollywood movies that are a must-watch

Given below are some of the most popular and fantastic Hollywood movies, which you will
definitely love. They are:

1. Happy Death Day (2017):

Hollywood movies

This particular movie is for those people who are a big fan of time traveling. If you have watched Tom Cruise’s “Edge of Tomorrow”, then this low-budget movie will definitely give you a high level of satisfaction. In the movie, a college student realizes that she is stuck in a time loop where she gets killed continuously and looks for a way to stop the event and go back to the real world. This is one of the best Hollywood movies of all time, which received a great deal of fame among the young generation.

2. The Shallows (2016):

Among all the Hollywood movies, this particular movie is for the people who are a fan of the survival and drama-thriller genre. The beautiful beach is just 200 meters away from the water and to reach it, you need to fight a giant and deadly shark. The best thing about the movie is that it is very much realistic, and it is also made under a low-budget. Blake Lively took the lead role and showed everyone how to save your life from a dangerous shark attack.

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3. The Aeronauts (2019):

The movie is available on Amazon Prime, and it falls under the survival and drama-thriller genre. This particular movie will inspire you and the visuals of the movie will make you speechless. It stands out as one of the best Hollywood movies in 2019, as it carries the mixture of both daring and intelligence. It is a story about a widow and a scientist who goes on a journey where they wish to break the world record of people touching the sky.

4. Escape Room (2019):

Hollywood movies

This movie is also available in Amazon Prime, and it is dubbed in the Hindi language. Once you watch this movie, you will realize how judgmental a movie fan can be. This is because, individuals these days judge all Hollywood movies by looking at the posters and trailers, whether or not the movies are fun to watch. However, the movie “Escape Room”, is known to be a surprise package for all movie lovers. This is because, after watching this movie, you will understand the trick, puzzle and the edge-of-the-seat experience. The movie shows that six strangers were secretly invited to an escape room, where they have to solve all the puzzles and leave the room. However, this doesn’t work out as planned all the puzzles they try to solve do not provide a positive outcome.

5. No Escape (2015):

This particular movie was released on Netflix in 2015, and it is a story about an American family who is located in South-East Asia. They quickly find themselves in the middle of a civil war. It shows the struggle the family experiences to protect their children and also themselves. The movie is filled with action, emotional, survival, drama, and thrilled all packed together. Among all the Hollywood movies, the movie “No Escape”, received a lot of positive reviews.

6. The Ruin (2008):

This movie will be a good one for all the horror and thriller fans. Even though this movie is old, but it still sends shivers down the spine. A movie that was released 12 years ago, and till now its visuals are something that will enable you to experience all those “jump scares”. The movie focuses on a few friends who travel to a jungle in Mexico during their archeological holidays. However, they reach a certain place that is dangerous, horrifying and evil. Please watch the movie at your own risks, because the visuals are very much disturbing.

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7. Okja (2017):

This particular movie is currently available on Netflix and dubbed in the Hindi language. The movie is directed by one of the best directors of the decade, “Bong Joon Ho”. You might have come across movies that tell the story about the deep relationship between humans and elephants, but this movie completely different. The story covers a huge giant pig, made with the help of bio-genetic and a small little girl who protects from all the obstacles that come along. All movies by Bong Joon Ho are superb, and after watching his movies everyone goes into a self-realization state.

8. Ralph: Break the Internet (2018):

Hollywood movies

This animated movie will be everyone’s favorite as it is the 2nd installment of “Wreck-It Ralph”. It is available on Hotstar, and it is one of those Hollywood movies, which is enjoyed by movie fans of all ages. The movie’s fantasy adventure is so realistic that you will feel as if you are a part of it as well. The best thing about the movie is that viral social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many more are displayed outstandingly and realistically. The movie will tell you the real meaning of friendship.

Parting Thoughts

Movies are loved, watched and adored by numerous fans across the globe, each of the movie has a unique story to tell that belongs to different genres. There are many unique and extremely good movies out there, and the above-mentioned are just a few of them.

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