A beginner’s guide to weed seeds

seeds of weed

Cannabis has been around for more than 12000 years yet there is a decent chance that many are relatively new to it. As legalisation and standardisation gradually descent into the industry,  the production and demand in the sector have witnessed a significant stir. Marijuana seeds are being bought and sold in notable amounts all over the globe. There has also been a progressive rise in interest in the public perception of “the pot”. In this article, we would briefly touch upon the different dimensions of the hows and whats of seeds of weed.

Cultivating weed seeds

Seeds of Weed are the ones that produce either male or female varieties depending on how they have been bred. They can be readily planted and grown after they germinate. 

There are different types of weed seeds: regular, feminized and auto-flowering. They have certain key differences among them. To briefly mention, feminized seeds extensively produce only female plants. With regular seeds, it could be either male or female. Autoflowering seeds have been carefully bred to complete the flowering process with little to none external stimuli. They are much simpler to grow and most suited for indoor cultivation.

Concerns with Cultivating weed seeds

It is necessary for cultivation purposes that only the female variety is bred. The marijuana commonly used for smoking is obtained from the flowers of the female breed. If male and female varieties are bred simultaneously, cross-pollination may produce plants having flowers with seeds. Since high-quality cannabis are required to not contain seeds, it is highly desirable to segregate the female variety and breed them separately. 

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Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil

CBD is a concentrated extract of cannabis with a high amount of cannabidiol extracted from marijuana or industrial hemp. It is the most regarded cannabinoid second only to THC.  

CBD has quite a few, largely discussed, medicinal effects. However, there are also talks of poorly produced, ineffective, mass-produced CBD which could be potentially detrimental for consumption. 

There are different types of CBD Oil: 

  • Full Spectrum is a concentration of every extract obtained from the cannabis plant without exclusion.
  • Broad Spectrum has all the cannabinoids of the extract but with trace amounts of THC  removed.
  • Isolated variety, also called raw CBD oil, has all other terpenes and cannabinoids removed until only a crystalline powder of raw CBD remains.

Legalities involving cannabis

The legal considerations of dealing with the seeds of weed are greyed out across borders. Hence once needs to take into utmost consideration the laws of the region while buying, selling, cultivating and consuming marijuana seeds. Technically, weed seeds are products of cannabis so if your state laws govern weed as illegal, seeds of weed would follow likewise. Some people though, in such regions could purchase weed seeds as souvenirs

Whatever it is, in states that dictate weed as illegal, people do run some risk in possession and consumption. On the other hand, if its a weed-legal state and home growing are allowed, buying seeds should be a legal cakewalk.

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