Travel Restrictions From UK After Nation Shuts Down Due to New Strain

Travel Restrictions From UK After Nation Shuts Down Due to New COVID Threat

Recently, Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, implemented travel restrictions from UK. He is assuring all Skittish European states about the threat of the new COVID strain being under control. During a 10 Downing Street Press conference, Boris Johnson revealed his talks with France regarding the current situation.

France is one of the countries that is not allowing anyone or anything into the country coming from the UK. As a result, there is chaos for all cargo shipments and people traveling. British PM Boris Johnson adds that his conversation with Emmanuel Macron, the French President was enjoyable. Johnson adds that both Macron and he want to save the situation. Therefore, the only option is to find a way to handle travel restrictions from the UK to allow freight traffic.

While saying that the meeting went very well, Boris Johnson also adds that they are trying to think of ways to save the situation within hours. His press conference takes place as more countries are banning people and freight travel from the UK. It is all part of the initiative to restrict the spread of the new COVID strain. The same is now increasing at a rapid rate all across southeast England.

On the other hand, UK health officials are warning everyone to stay safe. According to their understanding, the new strain maybe 70% more harmful than the COVID 19 version. Apart from this one, various other similar strains are already present in the environment. However, there is still no official clarity proving that the theory is correct.

Which countries are supporting the travel restrictions from UK?

In the meantime, France announced a ban on all travel from the UK for at least 48hours beginning from Sunday, December 20 at midnight. The crippling British freight situation is a big concern right now after the travel restrictions. Trucks full of cargo have to wait for miles away trying to get in or out of Britain. On the other hand, many travelers have to stay back at train stations and airports after the sudden ban.

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Some of the countries implementing the travel ban include Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Italy, and Germany. On the other hand, Canada has also announced a ban on any flights coming in from the UK for at least 72 hours. Moreover, Israel announced that they are not allowing any non-Israeli person to come in from Britain. (Modafinil) This rule is applicable for the ones who already have the permit too.

Johnson reacted to the whole situation very calmly, stating that the fellow countries’ reaction is very logical. Everyone will become anxious after all that we have had to witness in 2020. However, Johnson is expecting people to understand the pattern of contamination to save everyone from the chaos.

Why is there so much chaos?

It is important to note that the Brexit transition period is going to end on December 31. After that, considering the latest situation, matters are going to worsen. According to the Associated Press, there is already speculation regarding food shortages shortly. The only of saving the whole situation is to ease the restrictions.

Boris Johnson is trying his best to assure everyone that there will be no food shortage issue. He also adds that the ban is on freight shipping and not containers. Moreover, freight makes up for only 20% of the whole shipment, which means there should not be much problem. It also means that all medicines, food, and necessities will be available naturally.

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On the one hand, the Vaccination process is ongoing in all significant parts of Europe. France is hoping for a more solid health protocol. For now, the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine is being used on everyone who is coming for a vaccine shot.

On the contrary, French minister Jean-Baptise Djebbari says that they will hopefully develop a robust solution to ease the travel restrictions. Moreover, British authorities are suggesting a Tier-4 lockdown in the alert areas. Besides, the government is also urging people in these areas to not interact with any outsider and stay at home.

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