Anxiety Symptoms In Women to Be Familiar With

Anxiety symptoms in women

While occasional anxiety is normal, sometimes it can be overboard. Most people with anxiety often feel stressed and fearful. They are worried about their day-to-day life. If you ever suffer from anxiety symptoms, you need to consult professionals. The anxiety symptoms in women are not much different from depression symptoms. 

Even in today’s time, many people are unfamiliar with anxiety meaning. It can be a repeated feeling of anxiety and terror. If you feel it occasionally, it is normal. However, if you feel it regularly, you may need to visit a healthcare professional. 

Anxiety attack will lead to fear and panic reaching its peak

If you are constantly feeling this fear and panic, you need to get in touch with professionals. Sometimes these feelings will reach their peak. Therefore, in cases like this, it may be difficult to control these feelings. You may want to avoid certain feelings that often escalate. The anxiety attack symptoms in women may develop from the initial childhood years. It may either go away or continue to grow. 

anxiety symptoms in women
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There are several types of anxiety disorders. Many people often confuse it with depression symptoms. It is necessary to note the kind of anxiety you’re facing. In many cases, there are possibilities that you may have more than one kind of anxiety disorder. Furthermore, an anxiety disorder may also be a result of any medical condition’s treatment. 

What are the anxiety symptoms in women? 

Comparatively, women are more prone to anxiety in today’s time than earlier. Several symptoms may be a reflection of anxiety in women. Working women need to juggle between family life and work life. This eventually increases the risk of anxiety. (salmeterol) Comparatively, women suffer more from anxiety than men. 

Substance abuse disorder is one of the many reasons why most people tend to suffer from anxiety. If you already have any mental health condition, you will need to address the condition. The continuous use of alcohol and drugs will eventually increase the risk of anxiety in women. 

The inability to sleep or stay still is one of the many reasons why many may feel trapped in anxiety. Certain symptoms are specific to health conditions. It is essential to address the situation. 

Some of the most common anxiety symptoms in women include the following:

  • Uneasiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Cold and sweaty palms
  • Shortness of breath was
  • Tensed muscles
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness

What are the types of anxiety disorders? 

There are different types of anxiety disorders that need to be addressed regularly. While you can have more than one anxiety disorder, you need to contact medical healthcare professionals. Some of the common types of anxiety disorders to consider are as follows:

Anxiety disorder because of medical condition

If you are suffering from a medical condition, the continuous use of medicines can make you prone to certain mental conditions. It may include symptoms such as constant panicking or anxiety. Apart from that, it can also be the leading cause of physical health problems. 

anxiety symptoms in women
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Panic disorder

Panicking is normal. But, if you start suffering from repetitive episodes of panicking, it becomes a dangerous thing. It will make you feel fearful and constant anxiety that will heighten within a few minutes. Due to panic disorder, you may suffer from symptoms such as pounding heart, chest pain, breath shortness, and more. 

These symptoms will make you worry even more, thereby increasing the signs of anxiety. It is necessary to analyze the kind of situation you’re in. 

Generalized anxiety disorder

If you are constantly worried about the small events happening in your life, it can signify generalized anxiety disorder. A generalized anxiety disorder symptoms include disruptions in routine or becoming too worried about your regular day-to-day activity. 

This type of anxiety often arises when you’re caught in any such situation. Not only will it affect you mentally, but one can easily note down the physical health symptoms. Generalized anxiety disorder is common and tends to affect almost everyone for a short time. However, if you face it regularly, you may need to consult a doctor. (  


If you constantly want to avoid some places that trigger an anxious reaction, you may have agoraphobia. It may lead you to feel panic once you arrive in a certain place. In many cases, it will also make you feel as if you are trapped or helpless. Even if you are not in any such situation, this condition will make you feel so due to agoraphobia

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is often observed in kids. This is mostly because they feel that their parents will be leaving them behind. The development of a child is a significant factor to consider. The fear of separation from individuals who have parental roles to play can trigger separation anxiety in kids. 

Substance-induced anxiety disorder

Overdosing to alcohol or drugs can also induce anxiety. Similarly, overdosing on medicines can also have the same impact. Many people also suffer from anxiety when they opt for withdrawal from drugs. 

Source: Helpguide

Unspecified anxiety disorder

In many cases, the original reason for anxiety may not be known. This is known as an unspecified anxiety disorder. This is usually a phobia. When something seems to be disruptive in your life, you may start experiencing an unspecified anxiety disorder. 

Should you see a doctor? 

While minor anxiety attacks do not cause much harm, you need to check on anxiety symptoms in women. If the symptoms occur frequently, you will need to consult professionals. Here are some of the common cases when you should be seeing a doctor:

  • You have been feeling a constant sense of worry for your work and relationships. This is eventually having a direct impact on your lifestyle. 
  • You are prone to having continuous suicidal thoughts. You indulge in toxic and suicidal behavior. 
  • Your worrying is constantly disturbing your lifestyle. 

Anxiety symptoms in women can worsen from time to time. These worries sometimes will go, and sometimes they may not go. In cases like this, it is advisable to visit a mental health care provider. Furthermore, you can also opt for therapy if your anxiety worsens with time.

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