Ways That you Can Make your Home a Healthier Environment

Home a Healthier Environment

We are living in a technical age, which some regard as a detachment from nature and if you live in an urban setting, you might agree. Air pollution has long been an issue and there are many things that you can do to improve the overall quality of your living space; here are a few ways that you can make your home a healthier environment.

  • Mains Water – There’s no way of knowing about the purity of your tap water and fitting a water filter for coliform bacteria is advised. There are other harmful pathogens that can be found in a water supply and a comprehensive filtration system will put your mind at ease. Of course, you can contact the state and find out the technical details of your mains water, although that is hardly any guarantee.
  • Air Purity – Things that are invisible to the naked eye can cause allergies; if family members seem to be feeling under the weather, this could be due to air impurity. With the central heating on all the time during the winter, this can dry out the air and you would be wise to purchase a humidifier, as dry air can cause a dry cough.
  • Deep Clean Carpets – The carpet fibre is a great place for bacteria to gather and thrive and we advise having all your carpets deep cleaned by a professional every 3-6 months, which will leave the carpets clean and smelling fresh. Hardwood floors are much better in terms of hygiene and if cost is an issue, engineered timber flooring looks and feels the same a solid timber.
  • Avoid Using Chemicals – There are some harsh chemicals in certain cleaning products and you should always read the information on the packaging before throwing the item in your shopping cart. Cleaning upholstery with such chemicals will have a negative impact on the air quality in your home and take care with aerosol fresh air sprays, as these often contain chemicals.
  • Stick to Natural Materials – Avoiding composite materials whenever possible keep you closely connected with nature and with a thriving green industry, you can buy most things in a natural form. Take care with paint if you are planning some renovations and there are odorless products that will not impact the air quality. If the lockdowns have kept you at home, here are some tips to stay fit during the pandemic.
  • Create an Airflow – When spring arrives, open the right windows to create an airflow and this is also the time to give the interior of your home a thorough clean. This is assuming that the air quality in your neighborhood is good, if it isn’t, this might not be the best course of action to take. It is important to have adequate ventilation and creating an airflow ensures that air is replaced on a regular basis.
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As you can see, there are quite a few ways that you can affect a positive change in your living environment, which is not only beneficial to you, it helps the whole family. Click here for US government information on air quality, which makes for a good read. Simply enter your zip code, city, and state and you will receive an up-to-date analysis of the air quality.

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