Best Free VPN for PC: Download the Most Exclusive Ones

online VPN for PC

Free VPN always seems to be attractive. When you can’t access some websites, you always lookout for the best free VPN for PC. The greatest benefit of using a VPN online is that you can access even the blocked websites without spending a penny or being tracked.

However, before you go for the best free VPN for PC download, you need to check your online activity. It is extremely crucial to understand how the particular VPN works. This is mostly because free isn’t always attractive. Moreover, in many cases, you may actually be putting your safety at stake. It is necessary to consider the privacy and functionality of the particular VPN to get maximum benefits b

With so many online VPN for PC available, you can often be confused. Moreover, most of them are unreliable too.

Choose the Best Free VPN for PC

If you want to do the best free VPN for PC download, you will need to consider different factors. However, before we choose the factors, let us look at the best Free VPN for PC.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN
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This is one of the most popular online VPNs for PC. This is mostly because neither does it track nor does it share your data. Nord VPN is easily available for download in macOS, Apple, Windows, and Linux. Once you download Nord VPN, you can actually enjoy the benefit of fast buffering without any delay in connection.

You can use the server for around 60 countries when using NordVPN. With the help of this software, you can keep a check on the session information, traffic data, bandwidth, and session details. Moreover, it also provides 24*7 support to help you keep up with online activity.


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ProtoVPN allows working across three servers. There are various free VPNs, but nothing works as effectively as ProtonVPN. The unlimited data feature is what sets ProtoVPN apart from other free VPN providers. With this free VPN, you can visit any website and use as much data as you want.

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The greatest benefit of using ProtonVPN is that you can get access to original Netflix and YouTube content. You can eventually choose to upgrade to ensure high-quality streaming. Nonetheless, there are certain limitations when it comes to choosing ProtonVPN.

The provider will offer constant updates. Hence, it is advisable to check the bandwidth too. With the help of this, you can get Secure Core Support and P2P service too. However, the only limitation is that you will get access to three locations when using this VPN.

Furthermore, ProtonVPN supports the zero-lagging policy with an unlimited data plan. It can effectively work across different devices, thereby providing the benefit of custom DNS. If you don’t need to compromise on any of the features, ProtonVPN is the best one to choose.


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Comparatively, SurfShark is one of the most prominent secure platforms. It is completely safe and offers the benefit of web content. When you’re using SurfShark, you can be assured that your location is turned into private. Hence, you will eventually be able to protect the data. Moreover, you can also work with this software for various tunneling channels.

Unlike most VPN software, you don’t need to be limited while using SurfShark. It is a free VPN provider that will allow you to easily bypass the network. Moreover, the VPN will not use any of your sensitive data, thereby preventing the risk of a DNS leak.


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If you search for a free but reliable VPN, then ExpressVPN has to be your VPN choice. One of the most prominent features that sets ExpressVPN apart from its competition is the sharing option. With the help of a virtual router, you can share the VPN connection.

ExpressVPN has a premium service too. However, before you apply for the premium version, you need to consider taking a trial with the free version. The premium version will give you access to unlimited bandwidth and data. Moreover, you can also use this VPN to bypass censorship and access blocked content. You can eventually get security, too, that you will need to consider for tunneling features. Furthermore, you will also have to route the P2P traffic too.

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Unlocator is one of the most prominent VPN service providers that will help you maintain privacy. As a result, you can browse through blocked content without any restriction. With the help of this VPN provider, every content you access can become encrypted. Nonetheless, all the network activity will remain safe too.

One of the greatest benefits of Unlocator is that it will function effectively across different platforms and devices. If you are looking for a VPN provider that will offer you one-click privacy and security, you can rely on Unlocator too. Moreover, Unlocator also provides the benefit of Smart DNS, thereby preventing WebRTC leaks.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield Free VPN is one of the most prominent VPN service providers. Even the free version promises to offer great speed and caters to it too. However, it provides the benefit of enjoying only 500MB of data every day. You can eventually maintain privacy while using this software.

This is one of the most professional VPN services that you can use. There are certain premium features too, but you can’t use them. However, you will be limited only to a single location. Although it is convenient, many people often complain about the presence of too many ads. The free version is excellent, but you will get better features with the paid version.

Is a free VPN worth it?

One of the most common concerns of people is whether the free version is worth it or not. Well, it indeed is. It is advisable to be considerate about the use of free VPN.

Before you use a free VPN, you need to check if there are any hidden facts. Although these free VPN services are reliable, you can consider using the paid services. Most of the premium VPN services charge less than $2.50 per month.

There is no particular best free VPN for PC because they have their pros and cons. It is advisable to consider the small aspects while choosing the free VPN, especially your security.

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