Best True Crime YouTube Channels to Satisfy Your Inner Sleuth

Best True Crime YouTube Channels

Are you a fan of thrilling true-crime tales? Are you searching for the best true crime youtube channels? Well, look no further! At the same time doing our research, we did you a favor.

From fascinating unsolved puzzles to interviews with victims’ families, from gripping documentaries to enlightening segments about the criminal justice system – there’s something for everyone on this list!

So prepare for an immersive journey into the world of engaging mysteries. Get your headphones and popcorn ready; it’s time to delve into some of the most thought-provoking stories crime offers.

Best true crime youtube channels

Whether you’re a proficient detective or are just looking for a good mystery, these best true crime youtube channels are definitely worth watching. Tune in and sharpen your sleuthing skills; you never know which gems await you! Welcome to the realm of captivating true crime – happy hunting!

BuzzFeed Unsolved

BuzzFeed’s Unsolved series proves that the entertainment website is more than just a source of lists and quizzes.

Hosts Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej bring a unique blend of serious and comedic to the show, tackling true unsolved crimes (and paranormal mysteries on the spin-off Supernatural series) with lighthearted conversations while providing an in-depth exploration of cases from the past.

By adding a bit of humor to the oft emotionally-taxing true crime genre, BuzzFeed Unsolved is an entertaining and informative watch for viewers who need a break after their binge of true crime documentaries.

Best True Crime YouTube Channels

True Crime Daily

Are you keen on staying up to date with the latest true crime news? Tune in to True Crime Daily and watch as Chris Hansen of To Catch a Predator fame unravels thrilling criminal cases.

Get an intimate glimpse into current events and archived videos from the former TV series Crime Watch Daily.

From dramatic reconstructions to powerful interviews, this channel provides a gripping narrative for viewers who seek out more than just regular television news. So sit back, relax, and be ready to be captivated by True Crime Daily.

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Kendall Rae

This is one of the best true crime youtube channels. From her home, Kendall Rae leads the way in creating a subgenre of YouTube true crime stories, inspiring curious viewers such as Eleanor Neale, Bella Fiori, and Danelle Hallan.

In 2020, she took her talents to new heights—documenting and intimately exploring the details of a man’s mysterious death, which his family believes was murder.

Through her series, she gave audiences an unforgettable journey to get right to the heart of this case and discover its hidden truths. But Rae is no one-trick pony; with vlogs covering the likes of Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding and other lesser-known oddities, it’s clear that her advocacy for justice knows no bounds.

Dark Curiosities

Dark Curiosities is a mysterious mixtape of unsolved cases left unheard until now. Unearthing stories from the annals of history and bringing them back to life in vivid detail, this Scottish YouTube channel showcases the forgotten crimes from decades past.

From haunting photos to newspaper clips that haven’t seen the light of day for centuries, Dark Curiosities paints a deeply disturbing – but captivating – portrait of the unknown. Follow along on a journey through time as we discover what truly happened in these long-forgotten tales, seeking insight into some of the world’s most baffling mysteries.


From Momo to the eerie depths of the web, ReignBot’s videos take us on a journey into the strange and disturbing. Unsolved cases, often mysterious and tragic, come alive through their unsettling tones and spine-chilling accounts from many forgotten corners of the globe.

Best True Crime YouTube Channels

Creepy TikTok accounts, unsolved murders, and unknown Internet memes are just some topics ReignBot uncovers for our viewing pleasure – or dread! Step down a rabbit hole into the unknown and experience terror with ReignBot.

Bedtime Stories

Slip into the night, close your eyes and let yourself be whisked away to a realm of extraordinary storytelling. Welcome to Bedtime Stories, a channel that deepens into our world’s mysterious, dark corners.

From tales of strange creatures and alien abduction to creepy tales that will make your skin crawl, Bedtime Stories has it all. But that’s not all—Bedtime Stories also features captivating true crime stories from years ago.

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These stories are brought to life with beautifully haunting illustrations that directly transport you into the case. So why not turn off the lights, settle into bed and plug in those earphones for a thrilling bedtime story? Get ready because Bedtime Stories offers a unique experience unlike any other.

Real Stories

This is one of the best true crime youtube channels. Real Stories invites you to explore the fascinating and captivating worlds of cinema. From art to medicine, sports to biographies—this award-winning YouTube channel carries something for everyone. Dive into their spellbinding documentaries and become engrossed in stories that unfold before your eyes.

A glance into the lives of people you’d never have the opportunity to connect with otherwise or discover the journey of a missing individual. Truly, Real Stories paints a picture of gripping narratives that captivate viewers anytime and anywhere.

JCS – Criminal Psychology

Explore the dark side of crime and why Jim C. Swim’s true crime YouTube channel stands out from the rest. JCS takes you on a thrilling journey, analyzing the subtle nuances of police interrogations, criminal psychology, and investigation techniques. Dive into the depths of human behavior and get an insider to peek into the minds of criminals with each video.

Investigate the past and gain invaluable insights into the motivations, drives, and strategies of those on both sides of the law. Follow along with Jim C. Swim as he uncovers the mysteries behind notorious crime cases and helps us understand how to think like a criminologist.

Best True Crime YouTube Channels

Final words

Exploring true crime on YouTube presents an exciting and often thrilling journey for any aspiring sleuth. From narrative-driven videos steeped in rich detail to raw footage of evidence collected from the scenes of unsolved cases, these best true crime youtube channels provide an engaging experience that appeals to various interests.

What’s particularly impressive is the sheer level of quality and attention to detail put into each one. No matter which flavor of true crime you prefer, one thing is certain – you’re sure to have a captivating and entertaining experience!


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