Why Are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views? Reasons You Overlook

Why Are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views? Reasons You Overlook

Why are my YouTube shorts not getting views? Are you also wondering about this dilemma: what wrong exactly have you done, that your YouTube Shorts are not getting the desired views?

To get views on YouTube Shorts, you must peg out to give the right title, description and know the right time to post on YouTube. In this article, we’ll talk about the typical mistakes that many budding YouTubers make in their journey. Furthermore, you will also get to know how you can get the 1 Million Plus views on your YouTube Shorts.

All you need to do for that is, give this blog a read till the end because only then you’ll know the answer to your question: why are my YouTube shorts not getting views. So let’s get started…..

Why Are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views?

Getting views and that too ‘organic views’ on YouTube Shorts is possible if you upload them appropriately. Yes, you read that right! A majority of YouTubers slack off to post the Shorts videos appropriately on YouTube. It might occur that the editing is not appropriate, the voice might not be audible, or the video is not uploaded at a fair length.

Why My Shorts Not Getting Views Suddenly

Such reasons can make garnering views on YT Shorts a biting a bullet kind of task. So here are 12 reasons you’re not getting views on your YouTube Shorts:

1. You’re Not Holding To One Topic/Niche Category

If you post videos about every random topic day in and day out, your audience will get bored soon. It might sound quite opposite to what you think but that’s the reality. If you’ll do some research on the creators who get views in millions, you’ll notice they post videos on a particular topic. This indicates that the audience supports and trusts such YouTube channels that are dedicated to a particular niche category.

So now you’ve discovered a very basic yet crucial reason why your YouTube Shorts get alienated. Be it comedy clips, editing clips, or educational clips, you must dedicate one channel to a specific kind of short. 

If you wish to earn like breaking the bank while covering different audiences, it’s better to make separate and dedicated channels for each and every niche category.

2. You Don’t Upload Shorts Consistently

One of the reasons you are here searching for why are my YouTube shorts not getting views is because you don’t upload them consistently on the platform.

Viewers get hooked on creators who are persistent in their efforts to make them entertained. That’s why you must follow a perfect consistent posting schedule. Since YT Shorts aren’t that lengthy, your viewers can expect to see at least one shorts video every day. 

Posting shorts regularly doesn’t mean that you can compromise on the quality of your content. Quality matters the most! If your content is not enthralling and engaging, you can’t expect to earn views. If plausible, you can try to upload at least 3 shorts daily. This will grow your channel in no time. In case, if you can’t find enough time, keep track of uploading at least 1 shorts video daily.

3. You Don’t Upload Original Content

Why Are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views

Some YouTube content creators upload copied or duplicate YouTube Shorts and ponder upon why are my YouTube shorts not getting views. This way, your channel won’t be able to grow ever because the YouTube audience supports and credits the original creators more. In addition, this can get you in deep water as your channel can get a copyright strike. Furthermore, delivering something unique to your audience will establish a distinguished place for your channel on the platform.

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4. Your Shorts Videos Aren’t Qualitative

If you’re refraining from uploading quality content on YouTube, forget the channel growth. You can only expect to see drastic growth in your views and subscribers when your content is different, captivating enough to hold the audience’s attention. Along with content, the quality of your camera, mobile, and editing tools also holds an important place. So make your choice diligently for the best alternatives in your budget.

5. Your Editing Isn’t Avant-Garde

Editing is an important aspect of YouTube Shorts. Without splendid editing, your viewers won’t be able to enjoy your content and your channel won’t grow as expected. That’s why you must edit your videos with advanced tools that proffer exquisite features. Some of the best editing tools are KineMaster App, Shot App, and Video Maker App.

Keep the following aspects of editing in mind:music, filters, trim, split, volume, zoom, rotate, template, crop, border, reverse, etc.

6. Your Thumbnail Isn’t Catchy

Another reason why you have had to look for why are my YouTube shorts not getting views. Thumbnails are the first impression for your YouTube Shorts videos. And as they say, the first impression is the last impression. So that’s why you must design such creatives to make thumbnail covers that will intrigue the audience to watch your shorts.

7. You Don’t Use Relevant #Hashtags

Hashtags are quintessential for YouTube shorts videos. Without them expecting growth of your views is as if expecting to fill your stomach without eating. Hashtags are potent enough to make your YT shorts discoverable among your niche category and garner more views. So you must research the trending hashtags that are relevant to the content of your shorts videos. For instance, for a comedy shorts, the relevant trending hashtags are #Comedy, #Funny, #Fun, #Funny Video, #Comedy Video, etc. In contrast, for a food recipe shorts hashtags like #food, #recipe, #yummy food would work the best.

how To Get More Views On YouTube Shorts

Here are a few hashtags that can go well with any kind of YT shorts videos: #trending, #viral video, #trends, #viral content, #popular, etc.

 But do you know where to incorporate hashtags in your YouTube shorts videos? Hashtags must be incorporated into the description of your YT shorts videos. Only then the YouTube algorithm can rank and make it discoverable. This must be remembered otherwise, you’ll again search ‘why are my YouTube shorts not getting views?’

8. You Don’t Upload YT Shorts On The Right Time

Because you want to increase the views on your YouTube shorts, you must be considerate of the time of uploading it.

When you post YouTube shorts affects the initial reach and engagement of your shorts. And as a creator on YT, you already must be aware of the fact that most of the views on YT shorts are garnered in the initial hours of uploading. So you must set a time to post your content regularly. You must decide on it after analyzing at what time viewers engage the most with your YT shorts videos.

If your audience is most active on YT in the morning, as most working professionals are, you must upload the YT shorts videos in the morning. If they interact with your videos by way of comments, likes, and shares in the evening, then it is the best time for you to upload your content. Evening timings work the best for educational content, recipes. In contrast, comedy shorts can be uploaded in the morning as well.

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9. You Are Not Identifying The Right Keywords

This is the most important aspect if you wish to get views and trouble thinking why are my YouTube shorts not getting views? Keyword research is crucial as it decides how viral your YT shorts video will be. The best trick to make your YT shorts video content viral is to use long-tail keywords. Such keywords have a relatively higher scope of getting ranked.

If we talk numbers, you must use more than 4 keywords in your video title and description. It is also important to realize that you must use keywords that are most frequently searched by your viewers to search for a particular topic.

10. Evaluate Your Shorts For SEO Beforehand

YouTube Shorts SEO

If you’re perplexed thinking why are my YouTube shorts not getting views, then you must think about your SEO beforehand. This is to say that you must not go for uploading until you’ve prepared for the required search engine optimization. If the SEO is done right, then you can even expect to get your video ranked #1 on YT search results. 

11. Your YouTube Shorts Are Too Short

Although shorts are not a five-minute video, it will be hard to drive engagement and keep the audience enthralled if you make them too short. Most YouTube content creators upload shorts that end in 10 seconds. You need to stretch that length a little because viewers can’t engage when something ends just when it starts. So be considerate of your YT shorts’ length if you’re here wondering why are my YouTube shorts not getting views.

3 Ways To Get Views On Your YouTube Shorts

In an attempt to rake in views on YouTube Shorts, people follow every plausible trick. But let’s make sure that you don’t go this way:

  • Buying Fake Subscribers & Views: If you think that fake subscribers and views can earn you a nice change of chunk, then you need to think again. Fake subscribers and views can never bring in engagement. Henceforth, YouTube’s algorithm will get the idea that your views and subscribers are fake.
  • Publishing Copied Content: Another trick that people pull up for getting views on YouTube Shorts is uploading someone else’s shorts on their channel. This can never bring you enormous views. Your channel might grow initially, but eventually, your engagement rate and views will dwindle.
  • Watching Shorts Multiple Times: Many YouTubers keep on watching their own shorts repeatedly so as to garner views. But they aren’t aware of the fact that the YouTube algorithm identifies the IP address of the viewer. That’s why you don’t get the views because no matter how many times you watch your YT shorts, the same IP address will not be counted again.

Bonus Tip!

Since you’ve read this article about why are my YouTube shorts not getting views so far, here is a bonus tip for you!

You must stay up-to-the-minute aware of the YouTube algorithm updates. This is so becauseYouTube is a visual search engine that follows a set of algorithms while allotting rankings and increasing the discoverability of the videos including short-form videos, long-form videos, and shorts videos. 

Quick Look

Garnering views on YouTube’s shorts videos is a troublesome task, especially, when you want to get it organically. After all, it is one of the top five visual search engines. As a YouTube content creator, you might need to search ‘why are my YouTube Shorts not getting views?’ sooner or later. The above article talks of mainstream reasons that make you stand in deep water and how to improve your views.

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