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Social taboo is still a largely prevalent concept all over the world. People still feel uncomfortable or embarrassed talking about issues or being their authentic self in fear of society’s judgement. While this trend is seeing some change, many still push their problems under the rug until it becomes critical. This repression might be considered normal, but it is not healthy. Several topics come under this category, deemed inappropriate for the public forum. One of the topics is incontinence. Incontinence is a natural phenomenon that occurs in most adults. More than 10% of Australian adults above 40 face incontinence issues. While public discussions on this topic may be taboo, incontinence products help people cope with their condition. Incontinence usually signifies an underlying issue, and people facing this condition must get a check-up immediately. 


The invention of diapers plays a central role in the development of these products. As diapers became more available, aged-care facilities began placing customised orders for their residents. With the increase in demand for specialised diapers, more incontinence related products came into development. Today, both online and offline stores have a range of products for both urinary and faecal incontinence, in all sizes. 

Onesies and Suits for Incontinence Management

Adults can wear a onesie or incontinence suit under their outfit. It is made from a thin and flexible material that offers sufficient breathing space for the skin. Incontinence products are invisible on the outside, allowing people free and unhindered movement, much like a leotard. The onesies are also waterproof and sweatproof, ensuring maximum comfort.

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Underwear for Incontinence Management

Incontinence undergarments come with padding and leak protection and are reusable. These products are suitable for all kinds of skin types and are soft against sensitive and aged skin. The undergarments have invisible padding, that allows them to remain inconspicuous beneath the individual’s outfit. People can wear them all day, without any discomfort. Stores that sell these products also have padded pants, which can be worn under regular pants. These pants offer maximum protection against incontinence and are also invisible beneath the outfit. Mostly men prefer these products, as it provides comfort during sleep. 

Incontinence Protectors

People who are still apprehensive of buying incontinence products can opt for incontinence protectors instead. These protectors help in saving furniture and upholstery in the event of incontinence. They can go over mattresses, sofas, cushions, stools, and almost any other furniture. These protectors also come in a variety of prints and colours and can add to the decor of the house, while being functional. While incontinence protectors can help people inside the house, it is better to use incontinence apparel when going outside, to ensure a lesser incidence of staining clothes.

Incontinence Swimwear

People suffering from incontinence tend to stay mostly at home and avoid public places like swimming pools. But going swimming is not only fun but also a healthy exercise. Incontinence should not stop people from venturing outside, and that is possible with incontinence swimwear. This swimwear is indiscernible from regular bathing suits, allowing for privacy. They come with pads that offer maximum leak protection. The fabric is light and stretchable, offering the flexibility of movement while in the water. The pads are waterproof and absorbent, ensuring hygiene and comfort. This swimwear comes as onesies, trunks, skorts (skirt over a pair of shorts), and incontinence nappies. They come in a very extensive range of sizes for both women and men of all ages.

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Incontinence could occur for several reasons, and it should no longer be a subject of embarrassment or taboo. Losing control of one’s bladder or rectum is just like any other medical issue, and those suffering from it can use incontinence products to ensure minimal disruption of normalcy and social judgement. (Ambien)

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