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Palette Review

Merely after two months since Jeffree launch his Blood Lust collection, the beauty guru is back with another eye shadow – Cremated. And you all guessed it right; the launch came with a huge wave of controversies.

Jeffree launches the packaging on Friday night on his Instagram post, finally revealing the colors in this much-awaited palette. Before we get into the palette review, let’s discuss people’s initial reaction to the video.

Putting the Internet in a Frenzy

Palette Review

The main issue people seem to be having with this product launch is its timing. According to the netizens, launching an eye shadow palette with a name cremated and colors that signify death is disrespectful and distasteful.

Before launching the palette, Jeffree Star did announce that he will be launching his new collection a week prior. He even warned people that if someone is into rainbow colors, then this palette is not for him or her; it seems like he was not lying.

While people were psyched as usual for Jeffree’s new product, many people vocally criticize Star for launching the palette amidst the global pandemic, which has killed thousands of people across the globe.

Nikkie Tutorials, in her palette review, revealed that she met Jeffree in January, where he talked about this palette with her. He had been working on it before the severity of the crisis.

Moreover, the initial launch date was set in April; but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was postponed. So we know the product was already planned to hit the market before all our lives turned upside down. However, that did not stop people from criticizing the launch and calling it insensitive. (xanax)

While we do agree that the timing was little off, Jeffree had been putting a lot of work into this palette for months. Now that we have addressed the criticism let’s get down to the Cremated palette review.

Cremated Palette Review – The First Impression

Coming to the first impression, similar to all Jeffree Star’s makeup products, the packaging of this palette is absolutely stunning. The palette is packaged in white marble finishing, giving it an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

As for the inside, Jeffree has introduced a super chic and beautiful looking goth palette. In his reveal post, he captioned it one of a kind spooky palette. It comes with 24 color shades.

Cremated Palette Review – Quality and Texture

While the outside of the palette looks on point, what do we have to say about the inside? Jeffree has left us impressed here as well. The color as the theme goes is in the shades of grey, black, and whites. The color story is extremely intriguing.

The palette review by Nikkie Tutorials, she tried a lot of colors. She decided to do one eye smoky and dark, whereas she kept the other eye on the more subtle edge. While a lot of the colors look very similar to each other, their application is certainly different.

You will find a lot of grey shades with different undertones, which is quite impressive. During application, there is very minimal fall out on the skin, which is a great thing; however, there is a bit of fall out in the pan.

Coming to the application, every color blends smoothly across the eyes. This palette truly lets you explore the varieties of grey tones.

The darker shades need more work and patient to get to the perfect structure, so that is not the color instead of a palette. So take step by step to really blend in color to get the flawless look.

Another notable thing about the palette is the shimmery shades. In this palette review, we want to give a special shout-out to the smooth application of these shiny dark shades. You don’t need to use your finder and any sticky thing to apply the share.

You can easily apply this directly this gorgeous sparkly shade with a dry brush. From black, grey, dark blue, to white, golden, and beautiful shimmery shades, the color tone of this palette is truly amazing.

Over it is a high-quality palette with the right formula, and each color has a distinctive characteristic to it. Along with the smooth application, you get rich pigmentation with minimum fall out. You can always count on the quality and pigment of the eye shadow palette from Jeffree’s. Along with cremated palette review, we will also be talking about the glosses that were launched alongside.

Glossing for Days

Palette Review

Now that we have completed the palette review let’s dive into the four lip glosses that Star’s has rolled out with the palette.  There is a glittery black shade known as six feet under, a gunmetal shade called the funeral parlor, a grey, which has a gold-green tone known as corners kiss, and heaven’s gate, which is like shimmery white diamonds.

You can either use it on your bare lips or pair it with other shades to take your goth look a notch higher. You can complement the darker gloss with darker shades to tone down the color to make darker and mute. The lighter gloss you can pair with nude shades, to really get the sparkly and three-dimensional appearance.

We are at the end of the palette review, and Jeffree Star has introduced another quality product in the market. From the formula to the texture and application, this goth palette is worth the hype and money.

Final Thoughts

The launch date was set on May 20, 2020, for this metallic palette, and it not only shook the fashion industry but the entire world. In an Instagram, video Star told the followers about the amazing reactions that the palette has been receiving.

He addressed that he created the palette for the world, and people can think what they want to, but his heart was in the right place. Jeffree also said that he is proud of the work, and the name of the product was not intended to view as negative. It is about how people articulate things and how it is not his responsibility.

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