Jeffree Star Cosmetic Collection 2020- The New Purple-Themed Makeup Lineup

Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection 2020

With the ‘purple trend’ going viral in the makeup industry, more and more manufacturers are focusing on delivering purple makeups. After all, the traditional trends are coming back. The ones who think that purple eye makeups only belonged to the time of the 80s, it’s not so! The newer trends sing high praises of purple makeups. Maybe that has what made Jeffree Start bring his purple collection in Blood Lust lineup. The new Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection 2020 is entirely purple.

Outlining Summed-Up Details of Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection 2020

Star is a makeup mogul who has come under the limelight with his new range of makeup collection. The makeup line was launched on Tuesday via a YouTube video. As the name suggests, ‘Blood Lust Palette & Collection Reveal’ reveals the products in the range. The video also elucidates the minuscule details about each product alongside swatches. The lineup was launched on the 21st of February at around 10 am. Both the retailer of the brand and Jeffree Star himself took the lineup on the official pages.

Revealing the Focal Point of the New Collection

With the new Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection 2020, Star aims at bringing his focus on eye-shadows. But if you think that these eye shadows are just similar to his previous ranges, you might be mistaken. The fact that this lineup is touted as the purple edition is enough to elucidate that they are purple in color. The color that’s significantly associated with nobility, royalty, and luxury, has been the focus for Star in his all-new range of makeup line. And the focal point in this range is the vegan eye-shadows with hints of purple.

Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection 2020

Jeffree Star explains how demanding it is when it comes to manufacturing purple eye shadow, that too with a vegan formula. He has stated that it is hard to create purple eye shadows in a vegan formula. Star attempts at perfecting them with brilliance. And this is true after seeing the swatches.

According to the pricing, the eye shadow palette will retail at around $54. It contains a total of 18 shades. This palette is somewhat different from the other ranges of Star. It features hexagon shape and has been lined with purple velvet. Its exterior carton comes with hexagon shape too.  As a matter of fact, it has been shaped in order to protect this palette from getting damaged while in the process of shipping.

Speaking of these eye shadows, these contain brilliant names. For example, you would find ‘Take the Crown’ and ‘Your Majesty’. These also come with a stamped signature with symbols indicating royalty. One shade out there, for instance, has a crown signature, while another has a magic wand!

The Inspiring Purple Theme: Why?

As mentioned already, the color that is pretty evident for luxury and royalty is something that every makeup enthusiast hopes to collect. As any of your friends who has an obsession for lipsticks, and they would give you a fair idea of how these colors can flaunt anyone and everyone out there. Berry, for instance, is one such color that doesn’t get washed out in any skin tone. Neither does it have a bad impact!

So, yes, colors like plum, berry, and other versions of purple, really makes your skin more shining! Besides, Jeffree also stated that he had got inspired after the great success of Blue Blood which just broke the records the previous year. And before that, Blood Sugar was also another massive hit from his lineup of makeup products. Speaking of having a ‘new baby’, he intended to work on this product lineup. Everyone knows that combining blue and red will give you purple, and Star brilliantly gave it a try. And that’s how he found the purple theme ever-inspiring!

The Sparkling Purple-Themed Lip Glosses

The makeup lineup also contains a series of lip glosses that are only to pamper your lips. Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection 2020 brings each shade fantastically. The lip glosses are priced at around $18 in total. As per what Star has indicated, these new colors will also be coming with his favorite glosses that he has ever created until now.

The semi-sheering combination with sparkles in the glosses is only to attract its customers. The new ones have been named as Iridescent Throne, Lord Star, Sorcery, Sickening, as well as Wizards Glass. While they aren’t fully opaque, it stays true to what it has claimed to be, being a perfect lip gloss in your makeup kit.

Highlighters Speak the Glory This Time

Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection 2020

This time, the highlighter is just perfect; at least this is what one can figure out after checking the video of Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection 2020 where Star applies it. The highlighter is named as the Called Choking On Ice. The package comes with one metallic compact stored right inside the purple faux-leather case. As a matter of fact, this particular highlighter is ranged at $50. Check out the video yourself and see how the highlighter looks like the purple diamonds on Stars’ skin!

Lipstick Lovers – Here’s The Ultimate Excitement

All this while if you thought you would resist yourself from this super-amazing Purple-themed range of makeup, you might give it a second thought. The lipsticks that are included here are just to make you even more excited. Since these aren’t going to sell outside the box, you can check out Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection 2020’s collection to own the entire range. You can check out the new colors, i.e., I’m Vulgar or Royal Armor.

The famous hand mirrors

Star seems to walk the extra mile in offering so many brilliant things with his Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection 2020! If the aforementioned products weren’t enough to satisfy the makeup enthusiast inside you, here’s how the new-shaped mirrors can bring a smile on your face. These are priced at around $30 and feature the official logo of Jeffree Cosmetics.

The range also includes a total of four purple metal straws at around $19.99. These are the details about Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection 2020.

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