Customized gifts: tips for gifting friends and family

Customized gifts friends family

A personalized gift is a special way to express your affection for a loved one since it was developed exclusively for them. Customized gifts: tips for gifting friends and family.

An Epsilon research made in 2018 shows that 80% of consumers may prefer to purchase brands that offer personalized experiences. This behavior is also visible when it is time to buy a gift for someone special.,

Clothes and shoes have to fit the person’s body; fashion items may not please the recipient; and basic gifts, such as wallets or notebooks, may seem impersonal. In this situation, choosing a customized gift is a simple way to show care and affection.

Items as mugs, pillows, and magnets, for example, may be personalized with a loveable couple picture or with your favorite photo of you and your best friends. If the person is a tech lover, a customized design case is an excellent choice. ,

If you are looking for a personalized gift for a friend or a family member, it is important to choose an item that may please the recipient. Many stores customize personal objects, kitchen items, and house articles.


Perfect for everyday breakfast, and especially recommended for coffee lovers, a personalized mug is a great option to give to someone you love. There are several design types, but the most common included colorful photos, quotes, or the combination of both types.

In general, you can choose the mug’s color, size, and type. The mugs are usually made of food-safe ceramic, and some are heat-sensitive, so the message or the picture appears as you fill the container with a hot liquid.


As one of the most loved options of personalized gifts, the pillows please everybody: children, teenagers, adults, and elderly. Just as the mugs, it can be customized with one or more photos, as well as messages, collages, patterns, and much more.

It is possible to choose different pillow sizes and background colors. The pillows usually come with a zipper and a synthetic material filling. ( The external material is generally a soft plush.

Cell phone accessories

Fundamental to guarantee protection from impact, dust, and scratches, the customized phone cases are special and useful gifts. To choose the ideal one to give to someone you love, remember to check the phone model before the purchase.

A cell phone case can be personalized with the person’s name, photo, or with a theme that he or she likes. Illustrations, collages, and quotes can also be chosen to customize.


Other phone accessories can be nice customized gifts, just as wireless phone chargers, USB cables, ring holders, and cardholders.


As one of the cheapest options of personalized gifts, magnets are good options to complement an item or to make important announcements. It is a great present for grandparents, teachers or anyone else who likes to decorate their kitchen.

Just as the other objects, the magnets may be customized with photographs, quotes, and pretty landscapes. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the picture size, because the magnets are usually small.


As one of the most delicate customized gifts, the candles make any space feel like home. This item can have different colors and may be scented with essential oils — two details to pay attention to when choosing a personalized candle for someone you love.

A candle is a good Christmas gift, considering the year season, and other religious occasions, such as Easter. For couples, the customized candles can also be a nice Valentine’s gift to make a romantic dinner or any other special moment.


The customized puzzles are an incredible option to give to children or families. The puzzles may have different sizes and numbers of pieces, so you can choose it according to who is going to receive the gift.

The puzzle’s picture may be a pretty family photo or a baby portrait. It is not only a way to eternalize an important moment, but also a kind and funny game to play when you want to have a nice time with the people you love.

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