Danny Gonzalez’s Review Of Up Parody “What’s Up?” Will Leave You Bursting With Laughter

What’s Up?

If you have seen ‘Up’, then you must know that it is one of the most heart-warming and beautiful animated films to ever exist. Released in 2009, Up tells the story of Carl, an elderly man who uses a huge number of helium balloons to fly his house all the way to the edge of Paradise Falls in the continent of South America. Carl goes to all this trouble to fulfill his wife Ellie’s dearest wish, to go and live in a house near Paradise Falls. It is a hilarious and heart-warming story and is one of the most memorable Pixar movies ever made. Danny Gonzalez, the popular YouTuber, has come up with a memorable review of ‘What’s Up?’ a hilarious parody of Pixar’s ‘Up.’

Who Is Danny Gonzalez?

What’s Up?

Danny Gonzalez is an American YouTube content creator and personality who was very popular on the now-defunct video-sharing platform, Vine. He had more than 3 million followers on Vine, where he used to post hilarious videos on a daily basis. After Vine was shut down in 2016, Danny shifted to YouTube where he started publishing review and commentary videos regularly. One of the most popular playlists on Danny’s channel is called “I Talk About A Thing”. His hysterical review of ‘What’s Up?’ is a part of this video playlist only.

What Actually Happens In What’s Up?

Up, released in 2009, was a heart-warming animated film about an elderly widower called Carl Fredericksen. After being evicted from his house and ordered to go to a senior home, Carl decides to escape and uses a huge number of balloons to fly his house all the way to Paradise Falls. Paradise Falls is a dream destination of both Carl and his wife Ellie, who were both huge fans of Charles Muntz, a wildlife explorer. On this adventure, Carl is accompanied by Russell, a Cub Scout, and Dug, a talking golden retriever looking for a bird.

Unfortunately, Muntz turns out to be a very dangerous crook. They have a lot of adventures before they finally get to return back home. According to Danny’s video, What’s Up? is “exactly like Up, except you take the heart-warming moments out and replace them with plot holes and racism”.

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What is What’s Up Like?

What’s Up?

‘What’s up?’ seems to be an extremely chaotic movie, which at first glance comes off as very respectable. There are four central characters – two scientists called Dr Crumb and Dr Zook, Amanda, and Guto. Amanda is a high-school student and is extremely popular and pretty. The film begins with a news segment about the two scientists, who apparently protect the city from monster attacks. But then, the film suddenly makes a “TMZ-like” swerve towards Amanda and her dating life. Danny Gonzalez pokes a lot of fun at that part, by sarcastically claiming “Oh look, a teenage girl flirting with her classmate, such a scandalous affair!”

Then, the movie makes segue into a televised interview between a journalist and the two scientists. The scientists mention that they have invented a hyper light jet that is strong enough to lift a house, and that they developed the jet with the help of a special rock that can hypnotize humans. One of the scientists doesn’t want to reveal the powers on the rock on TV, but the other scientist slips up and reveals that the stone has immense hypnotic powers. The journalist is not fazed at all and carries on asking them questions. Danny Gonzalez pokes a lot of fun at this movie’s “hypnotic rock”, by claiming that he thought it was probably just a radioactive rock.

The other scientist reveals on television that no one knows that the rock has to be activated using a secret password, and then he goes on to divulge the password right in the interview itself. The password is “lavender” and he keeps repeating it, even after his colleague tries to stop him from doing so. Danny also points out to his viewers that the ‘What’s Up?’ movie is full of awkward pauses and stops, which happen every time the camera moves from one scene to the other. Apparently, everyone stops talking until the camera finishes moving to the appropriate position.

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The two scientists then demonstrate to the audience how they can use the powers of the amazing hypnotic rock to make the house fly up and down. Gonzalez also mentions that the movie is only 45 minutes long, but the animation is incredibly bad. ‘What’s Up?’ like most mockbuster movies, are created by enthusiasts at home. As a result, the resulting animation is of stunningly poor quality and Gonzalez chose to describe it with the words “just ass” and “atrocious”. The movements of the characters are very robotic and not in sync, and the design of the characters are terrible.

The Arrival of the Villain:

What’s Up?

After the interview, the four central characters are sitting and enjoying some tea when they are interrupted by someone called Jean-Pierre de la Croix, who claims to be a great adventurer of the Amazon jungle. To illustrate the ridiculous French accent, Danny Gonzalez actually holds up a can of La Croix sparkling water every time he says “de la Croix”. There are also a lot of racist stereotypes where de la Croix refuses an offer of tea because “we are French and we drink wine”. In another instance, de la Croix is also called “smelly”.

Guto, the youngest kid in the family, gets really excited at the prospect of chasing a monster with Jean-Pierre and manages to get the entire family involved in this monster chase. This is basically what leads the four characters of What’s Up? To end up in its ridiculous climax scene. There is also the appearance of a random Chinese character, who is trapped along with the monsters inside a force field by Guto because he wasn’t happy at being shown a cookie. After all of these ridiculous things, the movie ends on another ridiculous note.

The movie might have been atrocious and ridiculous, but Danny Gonzalez’s review is hysterical and makes for a fun watch.

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