Everything You Need to Know About Renting Portable Restrooms for Your Next Event

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Are you interested in getting portable restrooms for your next event? Are you wondering how to tell when you have enough luxury portable restrooms for the number of attendees that you’ll have?

If so, then it’s important to learn all that you can about portable restrooms. Doing so can help you understand what to expect and how it can affect your event as a whole.

This will help you keep your guests from leaving too early or being uncomfortable while they attend.

See below for an in-depth guide that highlights everything you need to know about portable restrooms. Be sure to consider them all as you plan for your event.

1. When Should You Rent a Portable Restroom?

Depending on the type of event you’re wanting to throw and the number of guests that will be attending, you might be going back and forth on whether to rent portable restrooms.

Fortunately, there are many different events that luxury portable restrooms are a good fit for. You can rent them for outdoor weddings, networking events, concerts, corporate parties, festivals, carnivals, fundraisers, and even sporting events.

Basically any event that has a large number of people without restrooms readily available you need to rent table fabric runners restrooms for.

If you don’t then you risk your attendees leaving the event to find a restroom and never returning. It can lead to frustration with your guests and harm the reviews that you receive.

2. How Many Portable Restrooms Do You Need?

Now that you’ve cleared up how necessary portable restrooms are for the event that you’re hosting, you’re probably wondering how many restrooms you need to rent.

That question can be answered in generalities, however, every event is different. Typically speaking, you want to rent one portable restroom for every 50 to 55 guests, as well as one ADA restroom for every 15 to 20 regular units.

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So if you rent portable restrooms with 3 toilets in each unit, you’ll want to rent an ADA compliant one for every 5 portable restrooms that you rent.

You also need to consider the hand-washing station, which is especially important in this day in age. To regulate how many people are using each station, try to offer one station per every 4 toilets. Portable restrooms come with the hand-washing station inside.

Be sure to consider the current circumstances of social distancing. If you rent a portable restroom with 4 toilets, you might want to mark off every other one to regulate proper space between each guest.

3. How Sterile Are Portable Restrooms?

Given current events with the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is wanting to know how sterile and safe portable restrooms actually are.

However, the thorough sanitation involved in cleaning them will give you peace of mind. It includes a hand-washing station, odor control technology, waste containment, and post-event service. Not to mention that they’re cleaned by a professional cleaning service.

In other words, portable restrooms are the cleanest option around. Much cleaner that individual porta-potties, which can get dicey less than an hour into the event.

Luxury portable restrooms also provide more accountability for the guests. They’ll be more inclined to wash their hands and clean up after themselves than a standard porta potty.

4. What Will They Cost to Rent?

The short answer: it depends. There are several variants that will determine the cost of renting portable restrooms for your specific event.

Such factors include the distance it takes to transport the restrooms, how long you hope to rent them, how many restroom units you need and the type of restroom that you’re looking for.

The price will also be determined based on the number of cleanings that you prefer and are required per CDC regulations. Given the current pandemic, they need to be cleaned quite often, so the rates might reflect that.

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Be sure to ask the luxury portable restroom company that you’re speaking to for a quote on their restrooms. If you communicate your budget ahead of time, they can usually make accommodations for your needs.

5. Where Should You Place the Restrooms on Your Event Layout?

Here’s the million-dollar question: once you rent a portable restroom, where do you set them on your event’s floor layout?

You want to be sure and set them up in a readily accessible place, yet isn’t in the way of high-traffic areas. For example, if you’re renting them for a food festival, you’ll want to keep them away from all of the food stands that people are walking around.

One should also consider the size of the event. If the event is in a space that’s too wide, it will be inconvenient for guests to walk all the way to one side of the event just to use the bathroom.

For that reason, you might consider renting an adequate amount of portable restrooms for either side of the event. That way, everyone is an equal distance away from the nearest restroom.

If you’re planning to offer restrooms at multiple spots, make sure to offer an ADA-compliant portable restroom for each side. It might be advantageous to construct a map that you can hand out to each attendee as they enter your event.

Find the Best Portable Restrooms for Your Needs

Now that you have seen all the best tips for renting portable restrooms for your event, it’s time to put them all to good use in your planning.

Have all the details laid out for your event before contacting a portable restroom company such as the event size, number of guests, location, and so on.

Also, make sure to browse our website for more articles on event planning, as well as other topics that you’ll find helpful.

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