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Microwaves have become a new trend in kitchens. Earlier, it was used just for heating purpose. But with all the new features incorporated, it has been converted into a powerful tool. People who love cooking know, how microwave has changed their way of cooking. However, the lack of microwave-friendly kitchen gadgets still stood as a problem. A microwave uses strong waves for heating the food, and that is why not all kitchen gadgets are friendly for it. For example, using plastic in the microwave is not recommended as it can be melted.

But this problem was until a few years back. People came up with a lot of ideas for microwave-friendly kitchen gadgets. Here are a few examples of that.

Microwave Potato Bag

kitchen gadgets

Potatoes are one of the widely used ingredients. From plain mashed potatoes to french fries, people love every dish that is made by potato. But when it comes to cooking the potatoes, it becomes a task in itself. Sometimes they are over-cooked and sometimes they remain under-cooked. And that spoils the taste of the dish. With this microwave potato bag, people can get perfectly cooked potatoes in no time. It can hold up to 4 medium-sized potatoes at one time, so there is a lot of time saved from the potato cooking process.

The bag is not limited just to potatoes. People can use it for cooking corn, tortillas, day-old bread, and other similar food items.

Microwave Bacon Cooker

Cooking bacon can be a messy task because bacon releases fat when it is cooked. This fat not only makes the bacon look bad but is also unhealthy to eat. There are various kitchen gadgets that people use to separate the fat from the bacon. But none of these works in the microwave, that is why people do not cook bacon in it. And that is sad for people who love cooking in the microwave. With this microwave bacon cooker, this problem can be solved. The cooker has an in-air grill bar that keeps the bacon hanging while it is cooked. So whatever fat is released, it is collected in the dish below.

The cooker reduces the fat in bacon by 35% and makes it healthier to eat. Also, it takes just a few minutes to cook the bacon perfectly. It is dishwasher friendly, so no effort in cleaning as well.

No Boil Over Jug

Boiling milk is one hell of a task. The eyes got off for a few seconds, and the milk is everywhere. It not only leaves stains everywhere but also a foul smell. And no kitchen gadgets can solve this issue. The problem only increases while using the microwave because just one second of extra heat can spoil the milk. The ‘No Boil Over Jug’ solves the problem. The jug comes with a rimmed lid, that has tiny holes on it. When the milk starts boiling over, it moves back to the jug through these small holes in the lid. That makes the whole milk boiling process extra convenient. Using this gadget is even better than boiling milk on gas.

Microwave Bowl With Lid

Just like milk, other liquids also have a spill problem in the microwave. Whether someone wants to make some soup or reheat their coffee, they have to keep a keen eye on the bowl to make sure nothing spills in the microwave. With this microwave bowl that comes with a lid, people can heat any liquid without the worry of spilling or splattering. That also saves them from the cleaning time for the microwave. The product also has two handles which makes it easy to carry anywhere.

It is the best product for people who have to reheat their soup of coffee again and again.

Microwave Pasta Cooker

Everyone loves pasta, especially for the variety that it offers. But cooking it can be a tough task. Though it sounds “just boiling the past,” it still requires a lot of skills to get the perfect pasta each time. Sometimes it might be left under-cooked, sometimes it might stick on the bottom, and sometimes the water might boil over. All these problems can easily be solved with this microwave pasta cooker. The benefits of using this cooker are:

  • It requires less time and water for cooking the pasta.
  • The holes in the lid give the exact proportion of the pasta.
  • Cooks even pasta every time, which means no sticking, under-cooking, or boil over.
  • The lid provides an easy way of removing the pasta water.

People who love cooking pasta should get it right away because it can change their whole pasta cooking experience.

Microwave 5-in-1 Pot

A microwave can be used for various purposes, and buying different utensils for each one of them would be a little expensive. That is where this 5-in-1 pot for microwave comes handly. Out of all the kitchen gadgets, this one is the most useful. The product comes with a single pot and three different inserts, that can be used for grilling, steaming, and baking. It also has a lid, which keeps the cooking process clean and convenient.

People can also roast, saute, poach, and make one-pot meals using this product. That makes it a perfect fit for everyone.

Microwave Rice Cooker

kitchen gadgets

Rice is yet another food item that can be cooked in various forms, just like potatoes. But the problem occurs while boiling it. (Lyrica) Exactly like pasta, it has a lot of boiling issues. With this microwave rice cooker, people can quickly cook their rice without any hassle. The product offers different piece sets that people can choose from according to their needs. Not only it reduced the cooking time for rice, but it can also hold up to 6 cups of cooked rice, which makes it a perfect product for family people.

And why limit the product to rice? People can cook quinoa, oats, and various similar food items in this.

With these microwave-friendly kitchen gadgets, people can make their everyday cooking fun and simple. Also, most of these are dishwasher-friendly, so there is no problem with cleaning as well.

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