Factors that Prompt You to Include Instagram in Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Factors that Prompt You to Include Instagram in Your Social Media Marketing Plan- pic

It is quite natural for businesses to replace conventional methods of marketing and promotion. They are now becoming more aware of the power of social media platforms like Instagram as effective marketing tools and that is primarily the reason why they are investing in leading social media platforms. Social media has become an integral part of our lives and adverts appearing on prominent social media platforms unlike those that appear on newspaper or television, are inescapable. On social media networking sites, you simply cannot change the page or even flip the channel. Thanks to tremendous global penetration, Instagram and some other leading social media platforms generate a massive or phenomenal return on interest.

You must be using a host of social media platforms. However, some social networking sites are incredibly popular. Instagram today, is regarded as the best social media platform for boosting a brand. Facebook has a broader user base as compared to Instagram yet; this photo-centric platform is way ahead of the other social networking sites in terms of ease of use, engagement, and target audience penetration. Today Instagram is known for its supremacy among the other social media platforms. Here are the most critical factors that have been instrumental in identifying Instagram as the top social media platform today.

Superlative Target Market Penetration

Instagram boasts of much better target audience penetration. We know that young people are pretty spontaneous and impulsive shoppers and they could be influenced easily in terms of their shopping choices. Nearly 60 percent of the web users in the age group of almost 18 years to 29 years are known to flaunt an Instagram account. As per https://www.statista.com, 15% of Instagrammers worldwide are women belonging to the age group of 25 to 34 years. Moreover, over 50 percent of the Instagram population worldwide is supposed to be 34 years or below, as of July 2019. By 2019, it is expected that Instagram’s ad revenue could be more than $10bn.

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The young adults are earning impressively high salaries and they do not hesitate in splurging. They are forever ready to buy a product provided they are convinced that is a superlative product. Instagram is the hot favorite destination for female users. We understand that almost 70% of Instagram users are women and they just love shopping. All women are passionate about buying things and we know that some of them are shopaholics.

Much Superior Content Display

Instagram is predominantly a visual platform. This image-centric social media platform allows businesses to build their online brand awareness and brand image via high-resolution pictures and splendid videos.  Instagram is way ahead of all other social media platforms relating to content display. That is chiefly because of its User Interface. We know that if somebody browses Facebook from a PC, he would get to see links, pictures, chat screen, sidebars, and more. However, Instagram, on the other hand, is mostly accessed via its official mobile application by 1 billion users worldwide. They could see just videos and brilliant images. Instagram’s user interface is clutter-free hence, it promises much-enhanced customer engagement. Meanwhile, you could get in touch with reputed digital marketing agencies to buy real Instagram likes.

Instagram Users Are Invariably More Active

Instagrammers tend to spend a great deal of time on this platform and they are quite active as compared to other social networking sites. This is precisely the reason Instagram is way ahead of the rest and outshines them hands down. Instagram boasts of phenomenal consumer engagement. You know that whenever the content gets shared more frequently and when you get more comments on your Instagram posts; it is good news for your business. The greatest advantage of this visual-based platform is that people simply are passionate about it and regard it as the best social media platform where they could spend hours.

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We have discussed the core factors that led to the acknowledgment of Instagram as one of the leading social media platforms. While chalking out your social media marketing packages, you must include Instagram in it for sure for achieving brand recognition and success.

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