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What is mSpy?

mSpy is the most popular spy app, commonly known as monitoring software in the market with millions of users around the globe. One can download it from, and after its installation, it starts working in the background of the monitored phone, keeping tabs on the GPS location, web history, all images and videos, emails, SMS, Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger and much more. With the purpose to monitor your kid’s devices and activities, this app gives 24/7 customer support with a 256-bit encryption format. Considered the best solution for keeping the children safe, makers have developed a friendly interface that can be easily navigated.

How does mSpy work on different devices? Let’s have a look:

mSpy on iPhone:

Before the installation of mSpy on the iPhone, the device will have to be jailbroken first. Users can gain access to the target device through iCloud, but doing this will deny the installation of some features on the iPhone. Using iCloud will provide access to information and data that is backed up on it. iCloud allows the users to backup information related to call logs, text messages, location settings, contacts, and bookmarks, which can be accessed through mSpy.

mSpy on Android:

For installing the software on an Android device, users might need to root the target device and also have a stable internet connection for monitoring. As known, android devices do not accept apps that have not been downloaded from the Google Play store. For which, you will have to enable unknown resources and start the installation. mSpy on android devices will enable the user to monitor calls, emails, text history, GPS location, as well as memo updates. mSpy allows the user to restrict access to different software and apps. Free Live Feed is provided at all times from service providers, and they guarantee the privacy and safety of any information that the user inputs through the app.

What are the benefits of mSpy Monitoring software?

  1. Useful for Emergencies: This app allows the user to track the GPS location and be notified about their child’s whereabouts, thanks to the technology of geo-fencing.
  2. Counter cyber-bullying: Teenagers nowadays face drastic amounts of cyberbullying over various social networking apps. Not knowing when to ask for help, situations may sometimes escalate to something horrible. Parents can now keep a check on the conversations of their kids on their mobile phones to counter cyber-bullying and help your kid escape from a toxic culture.
  3. Peace of Mind with teenagers: Keeping the children safe from physical threats has become a challenge for parents. This phone locator app will give the parents peace of mind in terms of what their teens are doing with their mobile devices.

What are the features of mSpy?

  • GPS Tracking: One of the most interesting features of mSpy is that it not only records the GPS location of the target phone but also uploads it for you to know exactly where your child is.
  • Read Text messages: Even upon deletion, the messages received and sent can be viewed.
  • Keylogger: mSpy records all keystrokes that users type while using their Android phones.
  • Monitoring Internet activities: Favourably, this app allows the user to visit the search history, web pages last used, and bookmarks fed.
  • Apps and websites blocking: Allows you to block specific apps and websites installed on your child’s phone.
  • Unlimited device change: Most importantly, mSpy allows the user to change the target device as often as the user wants without buying new licenses.

What are the cost plans of mSpy?

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Packages for Phones (basic package):

  1. 1 month: $29.99
  2. 3 months: $59.99
  3. 12 months: $99.99

Packages for Phone (premium package):

  1. 1 month: $69.99
  2. 3 months: $119.99
  3. 12 months: $199.99

Packages for Computers:

  1. 1 month: $29.99
  2. 3 months: $39.99
  3. 12 months: $69.99

mSpy Monitoring Software is considered the king of spy apps at the moment. Being one of the leading monitoring software in the market, mSpy prices are extremely reasonable for the kind of service the app provides. With 24/7 customer support, exercising parental control becomes flexible and authentic. This app allows users to get an in-depth view of what their children are doing on their phones and computers. mSpy is reliable and offers a breadth of features.

Having a spy app is very easy. All you need to do is to buy it or subscribe to it, and you will be on your way to the installation and final set-up. The installation is very easy. Most of the time, you just need to go through the process since it is very comprehensive, and it will easily take you through the entire set-up. In case of some issues, The best spy apps websites also have their team ready for you. There is a support team that you can call so that you can enjoy full assistance anytime and anywhere you are. Full ease and convenience could be yours if you will rely on a reputable company that many people trust.

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