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Typically, you have to face various household emergencies. Before calling for action, it is crucial to make sure that the problem constitutes an emergency or not. Plumbing emergencies at home should immediately be resolved as it can cause health problems and safety risks. Identify the situation and do the necessary things that you think will solve it. But if you cannot solve it on your own, it is always ideal to ensure a visit by a plumber. Sometimes the condition will worsen, and you can’t wait for the plumber to come on regular hours. In that case, it is always better to call a 24-hour emergency plumbing service.

When emergencies occur, you should be proactive and help to evade the possibilities of property damage and potential risks by trying to stop the flow of water to the problem area. If you are unsure whether the situation is an emergency one or not, you should call some local emergency helplines. There are various chances of troubles related to plumbing in a household. Here are some of those situations and the necessary care that you should take.

Wet floors/walls

Sometimes you can see your walls or floors wet or water flowing on them but cannot identify the cause. This leakage might occur because you are having a burst pipe inside your wall or under the floor. This makes it a situation that needs a plumber’s assistance as you can’t burst the wall and fix the pipe yourself.

Burst Pipe

When pipes burst usually, we can cease the water supply to that particular pipe by closing the valve. Doing this will let all other pipes work unaffected. But the emergency occurs when you are unable to stop the flow of the water to the burst pipe. You have to stop the main valve, and every other activity will come to a standstill.

Leaky Water Heater

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When your water heater is leaking and cannot turn off the water supply to the heater or switch off the heater, you have to seek immediate help. If the temperature is set at high, there will be a chance of high pressure also. This might result in the breaking of the relief valve and an increase in the tank’s pressure, which may eventually lead to an explosion. If you can smell gas, the situation is an emergency.

High Water Consumption

If you are having higher than usual water consumption, it is an indicator that you have a plumbing emergency. This situation calls for the inspection of water lines. The high water consumption may be due to leakage in any of the water supply pipes. This issue should be solved to save water as well as to minimize the use of electricity.

The Bottom Line

Household emergencies require a sudden solution because many risks are involved in them. Especially in houses with older elders and children, these emergencies cause health and safety risks. Often you may need the help of an expert to solve the issue. So it is better to keep the contact number to call the 24-hour emergency plumbing services available near you. You don’t have to panic uring the emergency and make things worse. There are certified plumbers all over Australia who can aid in resolving your issue and ensure that further damage is not caused.

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