Ace Data: The Best Cloud Backup Services in India

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Ace data is a cloud backup service in India. Cloud backup refers to the backup and storage of data. The applications from a business’ server backup on a remote server.

Ace data is one of those servers providing cloud backup solutions. The following sections give an idea about this company. 

About Ace Data

The company was established in 1996, under Anuuj Medirattaa and Neeraj Medirattaa’s guidance. They pledged to provide better solutions and services for esteemed clients.

Even after 24 years in business, the founders are adding more value to their services. Today, every minute of information and data shape an industry. Ace data understands the importance of such data. 

Hence, the company aims at safeguarding and retrieving lost data. Thereby, they provide affordable solutions for ease and storage.

The team of Ace Data understands and analyses business infrastructure and ideas. As a service-level-agreement structure, they aim at building themselves as a significant part of IT. 

Some of the standard Ace Data services are-

  • Backup operations
  • Recovery
  • Compliance
  • Backup assessment
  • Cloud-based backups

Services offered by Ace Data

Ace Data offers the following cloud backup solutions-

  • Virtual vault cloud backup – This company provides a complete backup solution. It is compatible with every severe environment. Thereby helping the user to expand his digital footprints.
  • Management of cloud backup services – Ensures data protection by using backup as an essential service. Meanwhile, the company mitigates risking critical information.
  • Disaster recovery service – They usually replicate critical data and IT infrastructure. It helps to recover the data and access to the infrastructure immediately, 
  • Recovery of tape and archives – This service provides and secures access to backed-up information.
  • Assessment of backup data – The company examines the present backup system. Accordingly, it provides the necessary options for strengthening the system. 
  • Archival service – The archival solution management allows users to streamline their IT operations. Data is archived and managed based on criticality, lifecycle, and recovery needs.
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Benefits of choosing Ace Data

  • Examining the user’s business environment- The primary step is an association of the user’s company with Ace Data. The company studies the business environment. 

The infrastructural details are taken into consideration. Later, they examine the on-premise hardware and software. 

  • Identify the areas of needs and concerns – The consultative approach of Ace Data carries out the following-
  • Understand the user’s business strategies
  • Provide a clear understanding of the challenges and needs
  • Plan and design necessary solutions- The team internally discusses and provides a vendor-independent solution. Each plan ensures-
  • Backup
  • Information storage
  • Management and processes meeting the user’s service-level-agreement
  • Maximizes ROI
  • Propose appropriate solutions- The team draws information from the user, thereby providing necessary technical and commercial advice and expertise.
  • Provide necessary implementation- They partner with a user to-
  • Schedule
  • Prepare and
  • Deploy new solutions to maximize user’s ease
  • Manage and support teams- They take the burden off from the user’s team. Hence, they improve productivity and optimize management systems.

Summing up!

Ace Data offers some of the most trusted cloud backup solutions today. Some of the core values of Ace Data are-

  • Committing to the success of the user’s business.
  • Providing innovative solutions for optimal growth.
  • Take responsibility and build trust in client relationships.

To know more about their backup solutions, head on to their website. 

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