Fundraising Event Mistakes To Avoid

fundraising event

According to fundraising event planning experts, such as Ari Betof, it is important to plan your fundraisers and avoid making common mistakes. Here are several mistakes you need to avoid during your event.

Waiting Too Long To Start Planning

Whether you are hosting a fundraiser for a small charity or a major election campaign, one costly mistake many make is waiting too long to start planning. Be sure to devote enough time to your event, and remember that you will need to dedicate more time to prepare for more significant events. (

Creating an Unrealistic Budget

Another mistake made during the planning phase is whether your event will make or lose money. If you are hosting a small event focused on making connections, it can be okay to create an unrealistic budget. However, if you plan a significant event focused on getting people to donate to charity, you need to crunch some numbers and create a plan that lets you make money.

Not Choosing a Theme

A theme is an idea that unifies your event. It connects your efforts, and it is necessary. You can choose plans that are inspiring, fun, or purpose-driven. The best things are unique and go beyond the standard casino or ballroom themes. However, if you can’t develop something creative, it is better to have a familiar theme than nothing.

Weak Sponsorship Solicitation

While smaller events don’t always have sponsors, larger ones do. Sponsorship is most common in sports themes, although it is often prevalent in galas, museum exhibitions, and other large fundraising drives. If you’re holding a significant event, you need to take time to solicit sponsors, so you have enhanced publicity, extra funds, and a great event.

Not Doing Proper Research

You are probably used to doing prospect research for campaigns, but they are also effective for fundraising events, especially when you need to bring in a lot of money. You can choose to have your staff do the research or hire a consultant. While you want to look for potential donors who have a large amount of wealth, this isn’t all you need to consider. Be on the lookout for engaged and connected people who sympathize with your cause to get the best results.

Making the Event Too Long

Having an event that runs too long is a big problem that many organizations make. It is best to send your guests home early than to force them to endure a lengthy program.

Failing To Solicit a Donation From Attendees

If you don’t ask for donations, you aren’t going to get anything. You can jump right in when you ask for money. Tell your attendees about your loftiest goals. Then, share your financial needs and anything else you may need to achieve these goals.

Not Coordinating Across All Platforms

Everything about fundraising involves multiple online platforms. Therefore, it is important to coordinate your ticket sales, auctions, giving opportunities, and engagement activities online.

There are many mistakes that organizations can make while fundraising. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that your event goes smoothly and helps you accomplish your goals.

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