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The value of the global cosmetic skincare market is set to reach almost $200 billion by 2027.

With an endless array of products on the market, not to mention all the beauty advice everyone from trained dermatologists to celebrity influencers is dishing out, the world of skincare couldn’t be more confusing. It’s hard to know what information is backed by research and what’s merely advertising.

Fret no more, health seekers! Below, we outline some simple, everyday things you can do to achieve beautiful skin.

Get That Beauty Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t only good for your brain and muscles. It’s also the key to amazing skin.

Our circadian rhythm is a built-in system that tells our bodies what to do and when according to light and temperature cues. Clear skin seekers, ignore these cues at your peril! By missing out on sleep, the cells that make for smooth skin won’t have the downtime they need to repair and replace themselves.

Additionally, research has shown that higher body temperatures–like those reached as you sleep–are necessary for your skin to absorb hydrating creams and balms.

Nurtured by Nature

Despite regulation, today’s skincare products are rife with potentially harmful ingredients.

From hair dye’s links to breast cancer to additives with difficult to pronounce names and even trickier side effects, the world of beauty can be a minefield.

Do you want dewy, hydrated skin year-round without the scary chemicals? Consider pampering your skin with natural products. As detailed here, the benefits of botanical extracts for health and beauty are well researched and numerous.


Mint may help to reduce inflammation in your skin, green tea is a promising anti-aging botanical, and tea tree can treat acne–just to name a few.

Diet Matters for Beautiful Skin

Nutritionists regularly suggest ditching the SAD (Standard American Diet) as a way to improve the look and feel of your skin. But what does that pervasive acronym actually mean? Instead of bland-looking starches and meats, fill your plate with a rainbow of wholefoods.

Nuts like almonds may reduce wrinkles. Fresh fish might help to fight acne outbreaks. Colorful vegetables like bell peppers, tomatoes, and leafy greens are full of antioxidant-rich carotenoids, which improve the texture and even out the tone of your skin.

Improving your diet can help you achieve perfect skin, but it’s a slow process, as recent research points out. So if you add any one of these suggested foods to your diet, be patient.

Your Skin Protects You

Having beautiful skin isn’t just about aesthetics.

As your largest organ, your skin also protects your body from harm. It controls your body temperature, protects you from viruses and bacteria, and alerts you to health concerns. Learning how to get great skin is the first step in looking after all of you.

If you’re interested in the latest health and beauty research and trends, take a look at the other articles on our website.

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