Got a Splitting Headache and Don’t Know Why? Let Us Tell You

what causes your head to hurt

Suffering from headaches and not sure why they’re happening? There’s always a reason for those head pains and we’ll help you figure out what causes your head to hurt with this helpful guide below.

Keep reading to find out five common causes of headaches and why they occur!

What Causes Your Head to Hurt? Stress!

Tension headaches are the most common type of migraine headaches. They typically involved pain from the top of your head to the base of your neck.

What causes your head to hurt this way? This type of headache is stress-related whether you are consciously or unconsciously stressed.

Your body will typically constrict and create tension either in your shoulders and neck which in turn creates this type of head pain. Try rolling your shoulders and holding a pencil between your teeth to relax the facial and shoulder muscles in order to loosen up the tension your body is holding.

Lack of Sleep/ Exhaustion

Another type of headache stems from a lack of sleep which leads to exhaustion.

This type of headache shows itself as a banded like pain around your head. It may feel like a squeezing sensation. You will often notice at times where you didn’t get enough sleep or are feeling especially tired.

Hydration, Hunger, or Food Sensitivities

A headache that you feel in the front of your head, with additional pain around the eyes and temple, could spell one of three things. You will need to ask yourself a few questions to find out what’s wrong.

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First, ask yourself how much water did I drink today? If it hasn’t been a lot, your headache may be telling you you’re dehydrated.

Secondly, ask yourself when did I last eat? If it’s been quite a while since your last meal, eat something and see how you feel in a few hours.

This third question to ask yourself is what did I eat today? Food sensitivities will present themselves with a headache. This can be anything from lactose intolerance to gluten sensitivities.

Talk to your doctor for further testing if you suspect a food sensitivity to confirm.

Pressure Change

Some people are sensitive to atmospheric pressure changes by feeling tired and getting a headache in the process.

These types of headaches will be felt in the temples and sometimes present themselves as banded pain.

Sinus Issues

This type of headache will be felt under the eyes and in the forehead down the nose. This can be an early signifier of an oncoming cold or flu.

You may develop a stuffy nose a few hours or a day later. Be sure to monitor for any other symptoms that go along with this type of pain to confirm.

What Causes Your Head to Hurt Answered

Our list tackles five of the most common reasons for what causes your head to hurt, but by no means does it encompass all the reasons.

Should you find that you are having recurring migraine headaches that occur more than once a month without a set-linked reason contact your doctor immediately for further testing. Sometimes headaches can be a precursor for more serious conditions.

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