Party On! 5 Fun Socially Distant Birthday Ideas for Kids

Birthday Ideas for Kids

How do you celebrate a birthday during a pandemic?

It’s a question that millions of people have asked and one of the many ways we’ve had to adapt to stay safe. For the moment, a cramped disco or a game of tug of war is out of the question.

But, there are plenty of ways you can put on a socially distanced birthday party for kids. Make sure you know what they are so your little one doesn’t miss out!

Check out these great socially distanced birthday ideas for kids.

1. Virtual Games Party

If you’re social distancing or self-isolating during your child’s birthday party, don’t worry! A virtual party is just the thing to keep spirits high. Arrange a session on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, or a similar video chat site.

Some of these platforms have games integrated into them that you can play together. Or, create your own games, like a superhero-themed quiz that all the kids can take part in. For extra fun, make it a dress-up party and see what everyone comes as!

2. Birthday Drive-By

It’s easy to feel lonely during these times. Remind your kids that there are still plenty of people who care about them and want to celebrate their special day with a birthday drive-by. This is completely contact-free, making it easy for everyone to get involved!

Have everyone get in their cars and, if they can, decorate them with balloons and banners. At a certain time, take your little one out into the street to watch their special birthday parade! For people without cars, bicycles and scooters will work just as well.

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3. Birthday Bouncy Castle

If your little one is missing out on a big event this year, why not create their own birthday party for kids in your garden? Have the whole household join in and encourage neighbors to peer over their fences and say hello.

You could hire a bouncy castle (see more here), arrange a spread of food, and have party games for your family to enjoy. Don’t forget to decorate your space with eco-friendly balloons and banners, too!

4. Socially Distanced Teddy Bear Picnic

If you’re hosting a socially distant party, a teddy bear picnic is a perfect idea. Have each child bring a teddy and sit them in between the kids, making sure they’re far enough apart. Have each child bring their own food, but have one big cake in the middle that everyone can have a piece of – just remember to avoid fingers on the cake!

5. Outdoor Treasure Hunt

When it comes to kids’ birthday party ideas, it doesn’t get much better than a treasure hunt. Host yours in a large outdoor space and have penalty points for any touching or kids that get too close. Make sure to hide your treasure far apart and have plenty of hiding spots to avoid a rush of kids!

Socially Distanced Birthday Ideas for Kids

There are plenty of socially distanced birthday ideas for kids that you can use for inspiration! No child has to miss out on a fun birthday just because of a pandemic. Just adapt to the changes and you can still celebrate their big day!

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