How Gigi Goode Performed The Cremated Drag Transformation?

Cremated Drag Transformation

Recently, Jeffree Star uploaded a video on his official YouTube channel. The footage included him and Gigi Goode. The video was about Gigi giving a cremated drag transformation to Jeffree. Before moving on to more details of the video and how Gigi did the makeover, let’s first do a little background check of both of these celebrities. 

Jeffree Star

These are some details about Jeffree Star and his career. 


Born in 1985, Jeffree Star is an American singer, as well as an entrepreneur. He did not do much in his singing career, as he has only one album signed in his name. His album, Beaty Killer, was released in 2009 and it has over ten songs in it. Along with Star, other singers like Nicki Minaj and Matt Skiba also featured in the album. After a year of successfully running his album, Star was offered another contract with the Konvict Muzik. The owner of the record label, Akon, described the singer as the next Lady Gaga of the industry. 


Cremated Drag Transformation

However, Akon himself was facing some legal issues during that time. And it is said that the reason behind Star abruptly leaving the music industry in 2013, was the problems faced by Akon. But the loss in music did not stop him from rising and shining. In 2014, he came up with his beauty brand called “Jeffree Star Cosmetics.” The growth in the cosmetic industry helped Star and his brand become popular. 


Along with the cosmetics brand, Star also runs a successful YouTube channel with the name “Jeffree star.” If we go through the stats, we can see that the channel has been successfully running from the year 2006. It as over 18 million subscribers and Star managed to earn a similar amount, i.e., $18 million alone from the channel’s endeavors. In only four years of his cosmetic brand, Star became the fifth-highest-paid YouTuber. 


Even though this was Sar’s first career, the reason for mentioning this in the last is that most people do not know about this. Even before entering into music, Star was one of the most popular users of MySpace, an Americal social networking website. He used the site for the following purposes:

  • He used to blog about his life while pointing out issues on self-image and confidence. 
  • He used to post about beauty, fashion, and fame. 
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Even from the start, Star had a massive number of followers on the platform. His general photoshoots used to gain tens of thousands of comments, which shows his popularity. 

Gigi Goode

With the original name “Samuel Geggie,” Gigi is a popular American drag queen. She often sticks by the vintage trends when it comes to dressing. Even she agrees that the 1940s and 1950s very much inspire her style. This is due to the collection that Gigi’s mom held in her basement. Gigi is mostly recognized for being a runner up on RuPaul’s Drag Race’s twelfth season. She was the youngest contestant on the show, and she collaborated with her mom when it came to dressing. She has also featured on various music videos. 

As being a 22-year-old drag, Gigi has done pretty well in her career. But because she is so young, she still has to explore a lot of things in her life.  

The Cremated Drag Transformation

Cremated Drag Transformation

For people who do not know what does drag means, a male person who imitates a female with clothing and makeup for entertainment purposes. Most people relate the drags with being gay. However, they do not have any relation with one’s gender and sexual identity. 

So let’s move on to the video that Jeffree Star uploaded on his YouTube channel recently. The video started with both Star and Gigi discussing how similar they look, as they notice some of the similarities between them. Then Star mentions that he has been getting a little tan lately, so he has bought a different shade of foundation. After going on with Gigi’s makeup routine, they finally come to the cremated drag transformation. Here are the steps that they follow to transform Star into Gigi. 

  • Gigi starts by applying a primer on Star’s face. 
  • Then she mixes two foundations and applies the mixture using a makeup sponge. Gigi takes a little extra time to apply the foundation to make it look flawless. 
  •  Then she follows with contouring Star’s face. Gigi uses her finger to get a precise contour on the cheekbones and jawline. 
  • She moves on to concealing the face. Gigi applies the liquid concealer under the eyes and the cheek contour. Then to highlight, she uses the concealer in the inner eyes. 
  • To set the whole makeup, Gigi uses some powder on Star’s face.
  • Then she starts doing the brows and paints beautiful brows. 
  • After everything, Gigi begins with the eye makeup. She turns Star’s eyes similar to hers.
  • Then Gigi uses blush on the cheeks and sides of the forehead. She further adds a little highlighter on the top points of the face. 
  • Finally coming to the lips, she first applies a fantastic color and then highlights it using another one. 
  • To finish up the look, Gigi draws a mole on Star’s face. Also, he wears a similar wig, which completes the perfect cremated drag transformation. 
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After that, Star starts looking mostly like Gigi, and it seems like they are sisters. Even the person behind the camera claims that. Gigi also gives her mother’s coat to Star, which matches the outfit that she was wearing during the video. And with this, they conclude their cremated drag transformation. 


This was all about Jeffree Star’s fantastic video about his cremated drag transformation, which featured Gigi Goode. During the entire video, they discuss a lot of things about makeup and their lives. Gigi mentions her favorite makeup products and also tells that her mother has always been supportive of her. People who want to learn makeup tricks or want to get a cremated drag transformation, they can watch this video. It is a fantastic way to learn makeup in under 30 minutes. Also, they can enjoy the conversation between the two celebrities while learning. 

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