Twitter Flags COVID-19 Post Put Up by a Spokesperson of China

Twitter Flags COVID-19 Post Put Up by a Spokesperson of China

According to the latest reports, Twitter has flagged a post put up by China back in March about COVID-19. In the post, the Chinese spokesperson stated that the coronavirus was brought to China by the US Military. The simple reason why the post was flagged was that Twitter always checks facts and this was found fake in every way. The post was tweeted by Zhao Lijian, a foreign ministry spokesperson of China. After Twitter did the fact-checking, it placed a blue exclamation mark below the post requesting readers to click on it and check the correct facts about COVID-19.

On March 12, Zhao Lijian posted the tweet in which he is asking a few questions. He is asking people to find out the answers to when the first coronavirus patient was found in the US. Lijian is also asking for an answer to how many active patients were there in the U.S. during March. He then comes up with a massive allegation against the U.S. Military who he believes might have transferred the coronavirus from their country to Wuhan. Lijian also accuses the US Government of forging and window-dressing.

At the end of the tweet, he tells the government of the USA to try and be more transparent when they are sharing vital information. He dares them to make all their data public so that everyone could see and judge the truth of the situation. The tweet created quite a storm until Twitter took the initiative of attaching the exclamation sign. One-click on it directs you to a page that contains information otherwise. The page you will find says that according to WHO the COVID-19 does not originate from a lab but from animals.

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Question on the US Government

Twitter took Zhao Lijian’s tweet quite seriously and started a process of thorough fact-checking. However, it was only later on Tuesday when Twitter got the scope to question President Donald Trump. The entire investigation was about his claims regarding mail-in-ballots. It was an extension of what we call a misleading information policy. Such information was a way to spread incorrect facts about the coronavirus or COVID-19. In response to this entire scene, Trump lashed out at Twitter threatening them. He said that he would take major steps to introduce legislation. As a result, social media companies will not have enough power to protect themselves against such accusative posts on various platforms.

According to sources, the conspiracy tweet is not the first instance of provocation from China. Beijing has proceeded with aggressive stances after facing criticism regarding its way of handling the pandemic. The country also boycotted Australian products after they tried to investigate the origin of the virus. They claimed that pensioners staying in retirement homes in France were about to die. As a result, China pushed the governments of other countries to praise them publicly against the huge supply of Chinese masks.

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