How to Get Better at Math: A Simple Guide

how to get better at math

You sigh in defeat as your professor hands you back another failed math test. You can’t seem to grasp the concepts. You’ve just never been good at the subject.

You’ve pulled Ds at best in every single one of your classes and this one is going to be no different. Accepting defeat like this is the first mistake most people make when trying to learn how to get better at math.

You can’t do most things in life without having a little bit of confidence. This trait alone won’t pull you through your class though. Check out this study guide to learn how you can start turning your Fs into As.

Review the Basic Concepts

Many of the mathematical concepts that you go over in your advanced classes build off the more basic ones that you learned in earlier classes. If you can’t remember these basic concepts or have trouble grasping them, getting better at math will feel impossible.

Go back to your younger days and brush up on your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It will feel like kiddie stuff but until you get it down, you’re going to struggle with performing even basic equations.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions and Get Help

If you don’t understand something that your teacher is going over, don’t let yourself stay confused. Raise your hand and ask them to explain things to you in further detail. If you feel uncomfortable with asking questions during class, pull your teacher to the side after the class is over to talk.

You also shouldn’t be afraid to visit your teacher during their office hours or Google “math tutor near me” if you need a little extra help.

Avoid Skipping Classes

With some subjects, you can skip a class and still be able to catch up the next day you attend. Math isn’t one of these subjects. A concept that you learned in chapter 2 will pop back up in chapter 5.

So, skipping a single class can set you up for failure for the rest of the semester. Still, sometimes things pop up. If you have to miss class, visit your professor as soon as you can to review what you missed.

Do Your Homework

The saying “practice makes perfect” definitely applies to math. That’s why doing homework is so crucial. You have to do it to pass the class of course, but it also allows you to practice problems.

Even if your professor doesn’t give out homework, make some for yourself by doing some of the example problems in the book. That’s the only way the concepts are going to stick.

How to Get Better at Math and Boost Your Grades

Are you struggling to make good grades in Math? The problem might be less that you’re bad at math and more that you’re not studying properly.

Learning how to get better at math is all a matter of practicing problems out of the book and going to class. If you’re still struggling, the teacher is there to help you. ( Take advantage of those office hours and bring that grade up.

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