How To Get Coins In Pokémon Go: 5 Legit Ways

How To Get Coins In Pokemon Go: 5 Legit Ways

Whether it’s for Premium Battle Pass, Poke Balls, or Rocket Radar, PokeCoins are always needed in the game. Pokémon Go fandom adores everything in this game besides the point in time when they run short of PokeCoins. PokeCoins are imperative to manage the survival in the Pokémon Go battleground. Apart from that, coins also come in handy while purchasing a plethora of items in the game.

This combined effort of Niantic and Nintendo has got players (which are oft-times referred to as ‘trainers’ in the game) so immersed in it that they can’t endure the wait until the coins get generated automatically again. That’s why they eagerly search for how to get coins in Pokémon Go. And, if you happen to be one of them, this article will certainly assist you.


How To Get Coins In Pokémon Go

Garnering PokeCoins has kept many uptight. Though you’ll come across a plethora of illicit ways to do so, this article enlists a few legit ways which will get you PokeCoins while you won’t end up in deep waters. And guess what?….. There is a bonus tip for you at the end! So give this article a read.


1. Get, Set, Defend The Gym

This is one of the prominent ways for those who’ve been looking around for how to get coins in Pokémon Go. This is a straightforward method to garner coins by leaving your Pokemon in the gym area to defend it. As a consequence, you’ll be rewarded with coins. This method has its own mechanism. Scroll down a little to know about that…..

The players who have surpassed level 5 can simply put their Pokemon in the gym of their team colour by pressing the plus icon (+). But first, you have to be certain there isn’t a Pokemon from rival teams in there already. Because if that is the case, then you need to first knock down the rival Pokemon and get yours in place.

Defending a gym will generate a maximum of upto 1 coin per 10 minutes for the Pokémon, which means the longer you survive fighting against the odds and opponents, the maximum would be your rewards. However, the game developers have put a cap here which limits any player to rake in 50 coins in total per day. So if you’re planning on going the whole nine yards to defend the gym to garner as many coins as possible, be sure to stop after the count of 50 coins. 

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Well, another twist here is that your Pokémon has to be out of the gym so as to collect those coins that it has pocketed in by guarding the gym, which means your Pokémon has to be knocked down and thrown out of the gym by the rival team member/s to collect the coins.

Here you can strategize more specifically where and which Pokémon to employ at duty as per the task beforehand. For instance, if you are going to fetch coins in an area already occupied, you can deploy a Pokémon with relatively weaker strength to save up on the energy. Plus to that, you also save your coins here as you won’t require potions to revive the Pokémon.

How To Get Coins In Pokemon Go: 5 Legit Ways

On the contrary, if you think a power-packed Pokémon has to come into the play, Metagross, Togekiss, Milotic, and Drifblim are considered the most vigorous.

If this way isn’t enough for you, and your mind is still revolving around how to get coins in Pokémon Go, then keep reading…..


2. Spend Real Money For Purchasing PokeCoins

Like a plethora of other gaming apps, Pokémon Go also supports in-app purchases where players can buy the coins. Let’s dive in and check what house of options the Pokémon Go trainers have:


Number Of CoinsPurchase Price (in USD)


You can pick any option as per the suitability and go for escalating the count of your PokeCoins.


3. Stay Active On Social Media Platforms

Social media isn’t just for watching reels. In fact, it’s an exquisite way to fetch rewards in your game zone. A plethora of gaming apps keeps on organizing gaming contests where you can participate and sweep the board to win numerous valuable rewards.

How To Get Coins In Pokemon Go: 5 Legit Ways

Not just that, nowadays, YouTubers, or to be more precise, gamers, go setting about the trends of contests and giveaway streams. These are just amazing opportunities for you if you’re beating your head around how to get coins in Pokémon Go.


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4. Get Coins As A Present

Yes, you read that right! These days, gifting isn’t just confined to a particular thing. In fact, subscriptions and vouchers are exquisite alternatives to consider for gifting purposes as well as are more personalized. So the next time you’re asked about the present that you’re looking forward to having, you know the answer.


5. Share Your Opinion And Earn Rewards

This is another way to figure out how to get coins in Pokémon Go. You can explore distinct games and/or other apps and then take up online surveys. This can earn several credit points for you that you can redeem in various forms, including cash. Some even provide joining bonuses. Several online gaming platforms are proffered with this feature in current times.

How To Get Coins In Pokemon Go: 5 Legit Ways

Google Opinion Rewards is considerably the most-sought platform for gamers to earn credit points out of their feedback. So why not try giving it a shot?


A Scraped Off Way

You must be wondering if Pokémon Go doesn’t have a rewarding system for particular tasks or missions, which is quite a usual way for the players to earn bonuses these days. Well, this game has seen those days too in a few countries, but, much contrastingly, it didn’t work for it. It was just not accepted by the players because it, in turn, restricted the number of coins they were previously earning from the gym. This is so because the players were allowed to gather coins from other tasks, they couldn’t earn more than 30 coins from the gym per day. Yes, the backend team shifted the cap to this level which obviously wasn’t favoured by the players. Consequently, this mechanism was withdrawn from the game.


Bonus Tip

Pokémon Go is exceptionally immersive, which is the reason, till date, over billions of people have downloaded and played it. If you happen to have an Amazon Prime account, chances are you might be leveraged with Pokémon Go Prime Rewards. It’s worth mentioning here that this mechanism doesn’t apply to all the countries. Nonetheless, in case this mechanism is supported in your country, you can earn quintessential rewards, including Poke Balls, Super Incubator, and Revives, which means your coins got saved up right there, and you can put them to use where it is needed more imperatively.

Make sure to comment below which of the ways mentioned above worked best for you.

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