Detailed Breakdown Of Game Progression In The Division

The Division 2, developed by Ubisoft, is an action-packed role-playing video game that has seized the attention of players around the globe. With its thrilling gameplay and richly detailed post-apocalyptic setting, its not surprising that The Division 2 has solidified its place in the hearts of countless gaming enthusiasts.

Navigating this game successfully, however, requires a keen understanding of its fundamental mechanics, especially the integral aspect of game progression. This unique progression system significantly shapes each players journey and overall experience in the game.

This article offers an in-depth exploration of The Division 2s progression, discussing leveling strategies and the crafting system and providing helpful tips for beginners.

Understanding the basics of The Division 2

The gameplay mechanics in The Division 2 offer an intricate, immersive experience. Players navigate a devastated Washington, DC, combating hostile factions and scavenging for resources. A player’s journey through this apocalyptic environment is marked by completing missions and leveling up, enhancing their character’s capabilities and equipment.

Missions play a pivotal role in-game progression. They serve as key elements of the storyline, providing players with experience points, resources, and gear. Complementing this is the crafting system, an exciting feature that empowers players to create unique, robust gear. Together, these elements significantly impact a player’s experience and progression through the game.

Effective mission strategies for fast leveling

When playing The Division 2, you often encounter several challenges and other skilled players that can prevent you from leveling up. However, players can use several effective mission strategies to level up quickly. They include the following:

  1. Complete main story missions

Rapid XP acquisition is a primary reward for undertaking main story missions in The Division 2. With their concise structure and linear design, these missions offer a substantial XP boost upon completion. Additionally, they serve as gateways to new side missions and activities, providing further opportunities for XP and character progression.  

  1. Complete side missions

Despite being optional, side missions represent a valuable avenue for XP earning. Generally, these missions pose a more significant challenge than main story missions, but their XP rewards are correspondingly more substantial.  

Moreover, completing a side mission can equip players with new gear and weapons. This can enhance their power level and prepare them for more demanding tasks.

  1. Capitalizing on public events
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Randomly occurring public events are a quick and efficient way to accrue XP in The Division 2. The key to maximizing this strategy lies in swiftly completing these events. Players can fast-travel between different locations, keeping an eye out for event icons on the map, and participate in any discovered event for an XP bonus.

  1. Claiming control points

Control points—strategic sites that either players or enemy factions can capture—provide an excellent source of XP in The Division 2. Players can clear out enemy-occupied control points to claim them and the significant XP reward they offer.  

Decoding the crafting system in The Division 2

In The Division 2, understanding the crafting system is crucial to outfitting your character with the best possible gear. This system involves gathering materials, understanding how crafting stations work, and learning how to use blueprints.

  • Collecting the right materials

Materials are the backbone of the crafting system in The Division 2. Scattered throughout the game world, these resources come in various forms and are often found in loot caches, after defeating enemies, or upon completion of missions. Gathering and managing these materials is paramount to making the most of the crafting process.

  • Mastering the crafting station

The crafting station is where all the magic happens. Players can combine collected materials according to specific blueprints to create new weapons, gear, and modifications. Understanding the function and operation of crafting stations is vital to producing the most effective and advantageous equipment.

  • Deciphering blueprints

Blueprints guide the crafting process, detailing what materials are necessary to create specific pieces of gear. These can be unlocked by progressing in the game, completing missions, or sometimes purchasing from specific vendors. An effective crafting strategy involves acquiring diverse blueprints and knowing when and how best to use them to improve your gear.

Strategies to expedite progress

When it comes to The Division 2, efficient progression is vital. Several strategies can expedite this process, with premade accounts being one such method. Let’s delve into these strategies and their potential implications for your gaming experience.

  • Using premade accounts

Premade accounts are game accounts that have been pre-leveled and often come equipped with advanced gear and resources. These accounts provide a shortcut to higher levels, bypassing the time and effort typically required for character progression. You can buy these accounts and play on a higher level instead of starting off as a beginner.  

  • Understanding gameplay
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Aside from using premade accounts, understanding gameplay mechanics is one of the most effective ways to expedite progression. A firm grasp of the game’s combat system, mission structure, and crafting mechanics can streamline your progression and make your gaming experience more rewarding.

  • Harnessing the power of teamwork

In The Division 2, working as a team can make missions less daunting and more enjoyable. This allows for faster mission completion and enables players to learn from one another’s strategies, contributing to overall skill improvement and faster game progression.

Starting strong in The Division 2: Strategies for beginners

As a beginner, starting strong in The Division 2 can be the difference between an overwhelming game and a thrilling challenge. Various strategies can help newcomers hit the ground running and progress through the game effectively.

  1. Game boosting

Game boosting can be a significant springboard for beginners in The Division 2. This concept involves leveraging specific mechanics or features in the game to quickly gain levels, obtain better gear, or complete challenging missions.

  1. Investing in valuable skills and perks

The Division 2 offers a variety of skills and perks that can enhance your character’s abilities. Understanding and investing in these can provide a significant edge in combat for a beginner. Skills like the drone, turret, or shield can provide valuable support, while perks can enhance your character in various ways, such as increasing carrying capacity or experience gain.

  1. Leveraging the crafting system

Understanding the crafting system can significantly enhance your in-game progress from the get-go. Crafting allows you to create helpful gear and weapons to boost combat effectiveness. Gather materials whenever you can, and check your crafting station to see what valuable items you can create.


Progressing efficiently in The Division 2 is a multifaceted endeavor, requiring a blend of strategic mission completion, effective use of the crafting system, and clever progression strategies.  

Premade accounts can be a significant boost for some players, but they must be approached with an understanding of their pros and cons. To ensure a solid start, beginners have various strategies, from game boosting to team play. You can also check this page to learn how to level up on The Division 2.

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