How to Make Money as an Artist in the Digital World

Make Money as an Artist in the Digital World

The days when an artist was fully reliant on a label in order to fulfill a dream are gone. The internet has become the great equalizer. Now, people have access to streaming platforms, publishing tools and the audience. The direct-to-consumer model is really making it easier for artists to make a living and thrive. While it is easier than the traditional route of hoping and wishing a label would sign up, this doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, you have to work extremely hard to make money as an artist in the digital world because the internet is saturated with talent. However, if you include a few tips in your repertoire, you’ll be able to build an audience, do what you love and make a living. 


If you want to produce a project that’s worth remembering, know that it won’t be inexpensive. Studio sessions, mixing and mastering are all pricey processes. However, it’s best to invest the money to produce excellent music. If you have to get a part-time job to save a few thousand dollars, make that a part of your process. If you have to start by releasing singles every few months, that’s a great way to begin introducing people to your music. Plus, it’s a sustainable way as well. As you build an audience, trademark or copyright your content. Create t-shirts, hoodies and other merchandise that will help you generate more income.

Streaming Strategy

Oftentimes, people look at streaming services and assume that there’s no money to be made. The key is to develop the right streaming strategy. First, make sure your music is available on all of the popular digital streaming platforms. Follow the rules of each platform in order to increase your chances of visibility. Platforms like Spotify will pick music that they like, and they’ll place the songs on certain playlists that get hundreds of thousands of streams. The key is to submit your music a few weeks before your release date. Even if your music isn’t chosen for the playlists, there are plenty of companies that will boost your music on various playlists for a small fee. With an aggressive strategy, those streams can add up over the course of a year.

Digital Visibility 

Digital visibility is the most important way to gain traction as an artist. If people don’t know you exist, they won’t be able to support your music. Countless people spend so much time on social media. This is why it’s important to develop a presence on various social media platforms. Create a content strategy that doesn’t solely rely on a ton of selfies and photoshoots. Instead, record yourself performing various covers each week. Find ways to serve your audience in order to keep them coming back. (Zolpidem) Whether you share an encouraging message in song or post really amazing music, find ways to be relatable and valuable.

Tours & Offline Marketing Strategies 

As you build a following, people will reach out to you regarding gigs and tours. Make sure that you develop a price that honors what you and your band need in order to travel to do shows. As you do various shows, you’ll introduce yourself to even more people. You don’t have to be a big artist in order to tour. Start with small tours in a few cities, and build from there.

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