How to Download Emails from AOL to Computer ? – Quick Solution

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If you are a business owner, you may definitely be using multiple email accounts including AOL mail in addition to a mail server at your company’s domain. It’s a smart decision to save AOL emails to external hard drive at your home or workplace. This is because, the copy serves as a backup if your AOL messages become corrupted or accidentally deleted from your account. It also enables you to access all emails even when you are working offline or not connected to internet. Therefore, the below section describes the complete procedure which will help users to download emails from AOL to computer.

Backing up of AOL email items is very necessary if you want to carry your data to other location. One can easily accomplish this backup process using Email Download App Software. It is a multi-faceted utility which comes with numerous advanced features. This application allows user to save all emails from AOL mail to popular email services and file saving formats. It is a swift and speedy process to download emails from AOL to computer using this application. Email Download Manager Software permits the user to backup AOL mail to Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Zimbra and many more.

In this place, you will get an expert solution to download AOL email folders to computer. The upcoming section describes the stepwise procedure to save selected email from AOL to desktop. It would be a smart move to reduce spam emails if you are getting a high amount of unwanted emails.

How to Download Emails from AOL to Computer with Attachment?

In order to save AOL emails to external hard drive, the user first need to download the utility and launch it properly on any local machine. Email Download Manager software supports all the latest and old versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 10, XP, Server, etc. After installation, follow these steps to download emails from AOL to computer.

Step 1: Choose AOL option from the list of email sources provided in the software interface.

Step 2: Enter the login credentials of AOL account and thereafter, hit the Next tab.

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Step 3: Once you have logged in your AOL account, all the required email folders will be automatically loaded in the panel. Select a desired folder which you want to create a backup to computer.

Step 4: Choose a file saving option from the software panel.

Step 5: Enter a destination path to save the resultant AOL email folders.

Step 6: The software provides several file naming conventions to save the file. Select a required file naming option.

Step 7: Once all the steps are done, click on the Backup button to start the process to download emails from AOL to computer.

Step 8: The application successfully starts to save all emails from AOL mail to computer.

Backup AOL Email Files to Desktop – Email Download Software

It is always better to opt for a third-party solution for achieving email backup. This is because manual solutions often have complexities so a non- technical user can’t handle it. Thus, to overcome this problem, we have brought up a professional solution – Email Download Manager tool. This software helps the users to download emails from AOL to computer efficiently. The user can even save the email items and files to storage devices such as pen drive, hard drive etc. Not only this, the user will be able to download AOL emails to various document formats such as HTML, MHT, RTF, PDF, DOC, TXT and many more. This application also provides a bulk conversion facility which allows to download complete AOL folder to computer at once.

Advantages of Email Database Download Software

  • Save AOL email to computer directly- The utility permits to download emails from AOL to computer in one go. It is capable to download AOL emails to multiple file formats such as HTML, DOC, MHT, PDF, etc.
  • Download AOL emails to Gmail- Many times user need to download emails from AOL to Gmail. You can save AOL emails to Gmail application using this reliable solution.
  • Save AOL data to PST file format- Email Download software is an expert solution which supports Outlook PST of all versions such as Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. The user can easily download AOL email folders to PST file format without any data alteration.
  • Download emails from AOL to computer with attachment- This software has been designed keeping in mind all the needs of users. With this utility, the user can save AOL email to computer with attachment without any hassle.
  • Backup emails from AOL in ZIP format- If the user want to download AOL emails in ZIP format, this utility has a ZIP saving option. Using this option, the user can backup AOL mail data in one Drive.
  • User-friendly interface- Email Database Download application comes with a simple and easy to use interface. It has been programmed in such a way that the user need not to be a technical expertise to download emails from AOL to computer.
  • Preserved data integrity of files- This utility maintains the folder hierarchy of AOL mails. Moreover, it keeps intact all the email components such as From, To, subject, etc while downloading emails from AOL to computer.
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The above article will help the users to download emails from AOL to computer accurately and within a couple of moments. Email Download software is an excellent and the most preferred choice if you want to take backup of AOL emails to desktop or to any external storage device.

Summary: Are you looking for an instant solution to backup AOL email files to hard drive? If yes, then you have landed on right page. Learn how to download emails from AOL to computer without any loss of data.


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