How to make popcorn and different flavors that go well?

One does not have to think too much when they are eating popcorns about the weight they are going to gain. Popcorn is one of the most common snacks that is found in almost all the cinema theatres, and it hardly takes a couple of minutes to make them. This article is going to reveal the ways to make on how to make popcorn interesting by adding different flavors to it and also you will get to know the ways to make corn kernels.

Popcorn is one of the favorite snacks to all and especially when you are watching movies, munching on this snack is a must. Youngsters will love to binge on popcorn as it tastes real yum and is also very simple to make. corn kernels also do not have many calories in them, and eating them as much as you want is allowed.

Even before we dive into the flavors that you can add to make popcorn tasty, let us quickly understand the process of how to make popcorn or corn kernels?

As we all know, popcorn is made using corn kernels. These corn kernels are available in the dried form in almost all the departmental stores. Some of the departmental stores sell these corn kernels in packets along with all the other ingredients. All you have to do is buy these packets, bring them home, and make the popcorn.

Steps that you need to know on how to make popcorn?

  • To prepare these ready-made corn kernels, all you need is a stove and a pan.
  • Cut open the popcorn packet.
  • Empty the contents of the packet straight into the pan.
  • Close the lid of the pan for a couple of minutes
  • Make sure to keep the flame of the stove low when the seeds are popping.
  • In about 4 to 5 minutes, all the cons will be popped, and you can serve them in a bowl.
  • Do not increase the flame at any point in time as it can char the popcorn immediately.
  • Do not open the list until the last corn has popped completely.
  • Avoid opening the lid in between as the constant pop out of the pan, creating a mess in your kitchen.
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This is one of the procedures that can be followed to make corn kernels. The other one is to dry the corn kernels on your own and create your flavors. The next section of the article is going to give you the different flavors that can be used to prepare your popcorn.

How to make Caramel popcorn?

Caramel popcorn is one of the most popular corn kernels amongst the others. Knowing how to make caramel popcorn is really good as you can quickly make them for evening snacks at your homes. The sweet flavor of the popcorn along with a little salt will be extremely delicious.

Caramel creates a little bit of stickiness and binds the popcorn together. These types of corn kernels taste fantastic when they are eaten hot. Take a pan, heat, or a couple of minutes and add the corn kernels. Make sure to pour the Caramel into the corn and cover the lid of the pan and allow the corn to pop. This might take a couple of minutes to be done completely. A large bowl of caramel popcorn will be polished off as soon as it is served.

Tomato flavored corn kernels

This is yet another most popular popcorn flavors that you can make. To make this style of popcorn, you need the dried corn kernels, a little bit of paprika for taste, dried and powdered tomatoes for tanginess, oil, and salt to taste

Take a pan, add all the ingredients, and give it a gentle mix, close the lid of the pan and allow the corns to splurt completely. This is one of the best popcorn flavors which can make your mouth water.

Chili corn kernels

If you are a spice lover and you like to add chilies even into the popcorn that you’re making, the chili popcorn recipe is going to make you drool over it. You can either choose to add with chili powder directly into the corn kernels; you can also add green chili sauce to give it a different taste altogether. Either way, chili spice corn kernels is going to make you crave for more. Now that you know how to make popcorn with chilies, you must certainly try them during one of the evenings.

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Salt and butter corn kernels

For people that do not appreciate a lot of spice or if you’re making it for your children, the salt and butter popcorn is the best one to make. All you need are the corn seeds, some butter, and salt to taste. The procedure is as mentioned above for the other popcorn styles. You have to wait until the last seed is spurted before you serve them.

Pepper and salt corn kernels

For people that do not appreciate green chilies or red chilies, black pepper, and white pepper powder are the alternate options that can be used while making corn kernels. You need a bag of dried corn kernels, a couple of teaspoons of pepper powder, some salt to taste, and oil to fry. Add all the ingredients into a pan, give it a thorough mix and wait until the last corn is done. Your bowl of pepper popcorns is ready to serve

Chilli lime corn kernels

This is yet another tastiest corn kernels that you can make. The sourness of lemon, when blended with the spice of chili, can make this popcorn taste delicious. The procedure is the same as you follow for making the other kinds of popcorns. You can either choose to add red chili powder, paprika, or green chili sauce for the spiciness.

Well, these are some of the best corn kernels that you can make. Knowing how to make corn kernels is going to save a lot of time. So, now stepping out and buying one from the stores is out of the question. Popcorns give you a lot of scopes to customize. Therefore, making them can turn out to be an interesting process altogether.

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