6 Tips for Effective Online Learning

Online Learning

Whether you chose to study online or have been forced to do so by the ongoing pandemic, your goal remains the same; to go through your course successfully and earn a certification. Read on to find some useful tips for effective online learning.

However, effective online learning comes with much less supervision than the traditional form of education. If you are not careful, you will find yourself falling behind and not performing as well as expected.

This does not have to be the case. The following are tips for effective online learning.

6 Tips for Effective Online Learning

Ask yourself what you would like to achieve at the end of each day. This could be going through a topic or a chapter, finishing an assignment, and so on. 

Outline this clearly in your study scheduler. This creates a road map of what you are supposed to do, and in a measurable way.

Knowing what you want will help you remain motivated and avoid procrastination. Also, ticking completed tasks off your list motivates you to keep going.

2. Study Something You Love

Picking a course in a field, you are passionate about makes learning significantly easier. 

Not only will you find studying less of a chore, but also studying something you love in itself will encourage you to go the extra mile for your schoolwork. 

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3. Create a Schedule

One component of traditional schooling that makes it effective is the strict use of timetables. 

In a sense, the clearly-timed lessons over the day help students prepare mentally for what comes next.

You can get the same benefits when studying online by creating a schedule. Figure out which times of day you are most productive and slot in study and assignment time. Remember to include breaks and other activities. 

Google calendars, Apple calendars, and other online calendars also allow you to set deadlines so that you do not miss submission deadlines. 

4. Create a Study Area

Most students appreciate the flexibility that online learning accords them.

While there are no strict rules on where to study from, be objective about the type of environment that best supports this endeavour.

Whether you prefer a quiet part of your house or outdoors, ensure that your study area is comfortable and adequately-lit.

In addition to this, ensure your study area is distinct from where you go to relax. You want your study bay to help you adjust mentally to a study session.

5. Join Study Groups

Learning in a classroom setting is interactive, which reduces boredom. You can include this element in online learning as well. 

Most learning platforms allow for interactions between learners and instructors. You can purpose to actively participate in group discussions whenever possible. 

Conversely, you can use this platform to form a study group of your own. 

You can then use group study to break the monotony of individual study, as well as for accountability purposes.

6. Learn Interactively

Aside from listening to lectures and reading notes, find ways to make your learning more interactive.

This is always a great strategy to help you internalize what you are learning. 

If you have the option of taking a live streaming class, take it because such classes are more engaging than the usual than the standard, recorded videos. 

Gamification and simulations are viable options as well, as they allow students to engage more deeply with their course content. 

7. Take Breaks

As much as you want to meet your goals, studying over long blocks of time can be counterproductive. 

If you find yourself not making any progress for thirty minutes to an hour, it’s advisable to take occasional breaks

Similarly, schedule short breaks every two to three hours of study, depending on the complexity of the tasks you have scheduled for that day. 

During a break, take a walk, get a snack, have a cup of coffee, or engage in any other activity that rejuvenates you.

Be Consistent

The trick to effective online learning is consistency.

Create and follow a study schedule, rejuvenate periodically, break the monotony with group discussions and interactive learning, and remind yourself of your goals.

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