How to prevent erectile dysfunction

Do you feel insufficient to provide your girl with enough pleasure? Do you think well-endowed down there and still feel unconfident while you have that special moment with her? Do you feel that you are not sufficiently stimulated when you are about to get intimate with your partner? Have you ever wondered about what your problem is? It can be a result of erectile dysfunction. Yes! Your organ may not be as excited as you when you are intimate with your partner. It is quite a common problem in men recently. But some of us do not know much about it. Let’s have a look.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a psychological or physiological condition where a man cannot get an erection while being intimate with his partner. Sometimes he gets an erection but cannot keep it firm for a sufficiently long time to make intercourse possible. When can you understand that you have an erectile dysfunction disease? The answer is quite expected. You may experience a reduction in sexual desire. During sexual activities, you will experience a soft erection or no erection at all. These physical symptoms come with some obvious psychological barriers, like depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. A man who experiences erectile dysfunction feels very insecure about his love life. No matter how his partner receives his problem, he feels embarrassed in front of the partner. However, some good habits can remove all barriers and make you the man of her dream. Here are some preventive measures that can be very helpful in this case.


If your problem of ED or erectile dysfunction is a result of physical insufficiency, you can treat it with proper medication. Various medicines are ranging from herbs to chemical drugs of recent medical science. The results are satisfactory in most of the cases. Most of the conventional medication target the affected area or the area of problem and brings a surge in the flow of blood in the penile region. Some of the frequently prescribed medicines are Levitra, Viagra, Vardenafil, and so on. However, always consult a medical specialist before applying medication because knowing the exact intake quantity is essential.

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Daily Exercise:

Performing daily exercise is always a good habit and will always give you good results related to any health problem. Regular use controls your blood flow. If you maintain a regular exercise schedule, you will have a controlled blood pressure, which will ultimately show a good effect on your sexual drive. Other health benefits that you can get from exercise will reduce the chances of developing or having ED. However, you may never start heavy work-out right at the beginning to enjoy good sex life. It would be best if you started with a light work-out regime that suits your age and strength. Over time, you can increase the time of your exercise.

Reducing stress:

Today’s world is a production house of importance. If you are overtly stressed out about some issue, it can affect your sexual health. You can experience stress in various fields, such as financial stress, the pressure in a relationship, importance for future planning, and the list goes on. If you are continually confronting stress, you can generate ED. So one of the main remedies for eradicating the problem of ED is to reduce stress. Stay relaxed. Let not stress ruin your magical moments.

Quit smoking and drinking:

Drinking alcohol and smoking weeds are two pillars of multiple diseases. Anyone, irrespective of their gender, can gain a potential medical risk by these bad habits. Excessive smoking and drinking can cause erectile dysfunction in a man. We are not against smoking or drinking. But if you put a limit on your alcohol intake, it will be helpful for your sexual life.

Reduce performance anxiety:

Now, the reason may be hidden in the theories of Freud, and every man wants to show off his masculinity. They consider sexual intercourse as a signifier of their sexual prowess. Therefore, when a girl only wants pleasure during sex, the thought process of a man before sex is more complicated. He thinks sex as one of his most notable performances. The constant apprehension of his failure leads to a soft erection or entire lack of construction. Having failed one time, he thinks of this performance as one in which he has failed before. So, the next time he gets performance anxiety. It creates a never-ending loop. If a man is caught into this loop, he thinks as if he has ED, whereas he is suffering only from performance anxiety. To get rid of this anxiety, you have to think less about sex as a performance. Just think it as an activity to give and take pleasure where you have nothing at stake.

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Change of stimulation:

Sometimes, the surroundings and the stimulators can be the reason for a symptom of erectile dysfunction. Sometimes it is the place that keeps you bugging. Sometimes it can be as insignificant as a weird smell in the room to generate a temporary ED. It is recommended to have sex in a pleasant place. Your partner can help you in this respect. If you have problems with stimulation, you can ask your partner to try new things to keep your mind away from disturbing factors.

Go with the flow:

If you are going for sexual intercourse for the first time, do not premeditate it. Everyone has an unusual excitement before having early sex. But premeditation can ruin it for you. Sex is something spontaneous. You cannot make a blueprint for it beforehand. If you have intimate moments with your partner, it can naturally lead to sex. No planning is required. You cannot just shut the door and have sex. It is okay if you are used to having sex with your partner. But it is not okay if you have ED.

Intimacy is a blessing in the lives of the lovers. Even in casual hook-ups, sex is an act of merriment. So please do not spoil it by overthinking. Just trust the pace when you feel the urge. Do not hurry up in this case!

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