How to Start a Laser Engraving Business with a CO2 Laser Engraver

CO2 laser engraver


In recent times, CO2 Laser engraver has become a very lucrative business across many industries. Several traditional companies have adopted this innovative technology to fetch more income, using this modern machinery to create images and inscriptions on various materials.

The mastery of laser engraving knowledge is an excellent start on the path of laser engraving to self-employment and financial freedom for an individual looking to set up a business in this field. However, knowing the engraving process is not sufficient to successfully set up a laser engraving business. You can’t just go ahead to splurge on machines and materials without knowing how well the company would flourish or how much income you would make compared to expenses. 

Let’s dive into 3 of the best tips on how to laser engrave your way into a profitable small business.

The 3 Best Tips to Start Your CO2 Laser Engraver Business

Laser engraving involves using a laser to cut, mark, or incise into various materials, including wood, metals, mirror, rubber, leather, glass, ceramic, and plastics. The CO2 laser is the best choice for marking and cutting into these materials because of the wide variation in the laser machines’ specifications. Below are some great tips for you to launch your business:

Understand Your Customer

When launching into the small business world, you must understand it’s all about value addition and quality service delivery. As you commence your engraving business, your customers must always be your utmost priority. It is not sufficient to know how to laser engrave. You have to understand your customer’s behaviors and needs.

Customer “A” might have preferences that customer “B” might dislike and vice versa. Therefore, any laser engraving business’s success lies in satisfying all customers according to their unique preferences. Pay keen attention to details and requirements when taking on any job. Ask your client additional questions about the results they anticipate in the final products, and let them know if their expectations are ever too high.

Generally, you must have foresight, explore your creativity, and wow your customers with ideas that will make them come back for more. More importantly, CO2 laser engraver are quite versatile and can adapt well to customer’s preferences. 

Get a Good Grasp of Your Skill

If you want to do well in the laser engraving business, you must master handling numerous materials. From experience, about 8 in 10 customers never bargain prices; they are just fine with the laser engraving rates provided you have proven expertise. Thus, your experience in the field comes to play in this case. (Xanax) Your experience greatly affects how you handle different materials and never produce low-quality engraving.  You must ensure that customers trust your capability and ability to produce a refined, clean, and quality engraving job. You could also suggest engraving ideas to your customers as they might not even realize they need it.

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On the other hand, if you specialize in engraving a particular product, you can streamline your target customers. For example, if you are focused on metal engraving, then schools and universities are a potential market for your business. Schools will require trophies and medals for competitions, and being a master of metal engraving, you could approach them as a potential client. To cap it, you need to create work samples for customers on specialized materials you know how to laser engrave, showcasing your capability and skill. Lastly, note that sharpening your craft is not a day’s job; it requires a great deal of learning. Companies like OMTech offer training, videos, and other resources to help users out. 

Get the Right Equipment

Purchasing the right CO2 laser engraver will give you an edge over your competitors. Contrary to the opinion that laser engravers are very expensive, a fair amount are quite affordable. Besides, you don’t need a costly machine to start your small-scale business, especially if your workplace is your own home. The price variation is due to the difference in quality or brand name. However, a high price doesn’t always guarantee optimal quality.

There are many laser engravers on the market, making your choice a bit of a challenge. When looking to buy a laser engraver, you must consider the laser engraver bed size. The bed size determines the amount of material you can engrave at a specific time range. Also, adjustable bed size is preferable to allow room for flexibility. Standard bed sizes available are 12’’×20’’ and 12’’× 28’’. Some cabinet laser engraving machines even have pass-through doors that accommodate objects larger than the bed size. (

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A fixed bed size will only allow you to engrave materials of a particular dimension. Another factor to consider is laser power. Specifically, laser power defines both how fast and how deep an engraving penetrates. Ensure that you go for a machine with optimal power consumption. Lastly, it is crucial to purchase a user-friendly laser engraver that comes with thorough manual instructions and additional support. Then, if something goes wrong with the machine, you can resolve the issue quickly.


For recreation, home decoration, or business purposes, people are always looking for high-quality personalized pieces. When it comes to accuracy and precision, laser engravers rank number one because they use computers to aid your creativity. At OMTech, you will find the best quality laser engravers to make your laser engraving journey a success. In addition, full training and resources on how to laser engrave are available to equip you with the necessary skill to thrive. Reach out to them as you launch your business, and let them walk you through the journey.

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