How To Turn Your Space Room Into a Multifunctional Space


The guest room is useful (sometimes). After all, when family or friends come to visit, you want them to feel welcome and have a place to relax. The sofa and a sleeping bag aren’t ideal for many, and you probably desire to create a comfortable environment. What about the other 350 days of the year, though, when that room remains dormant. Make the most of that space with a few tweaks. Here are three ways to get more out of the guest space.

1. Invest in Cabinets

Use the walls to house permanent supplies. Add shelves and cabinets, filling them with your materials or books. If this is an office, create closed doors and tuck away files. If it’s a craft room, have pull-out drawers organized to store your supplies. Focus on function and aesthetics. The main goal here is to have what you require for activities or work and keep it out of sight from your company.

2. Make Sure Everything Moves

Not everything is going to be good in a cabinet. Consider adding casters and wheels to bulky items. Then, when it’s time to get them out of the area, wheel them away. Sewing machines and craft tables, for instance, demand force. With wheels, they move easier. Lock them in place while in use, and then glide them away when you’re done.

3. Select a Hideaway Bed

The bedding industry understands that some mattresses aren’t needed everyday, so they’ve started getting creative in products and design. Sofa beds and mattresses that pull into the wall are both viable options that are still comfortable. When people arrive, have the bed pulled out, ready to be used. When guests depart, take off the sheets and pull the mattress back into the wall unit. It’s as simple as that–opening space up for your other needs.

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A guest room is a wonderful place to offer others, but you deserve to use that room as well. Design it to serve both you and your company well. Focus on wall space, using doors to add style but also disguise your other hobbies. Make it simple to remove valuables or objects you don’t want others to see. Also, see how to have a bed that isn’t permanently out on display, allowing for more mobility and flexibility. These changes may just reclaim that room for your use while maintaining your place as a fantastic host.

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