How Long Does Cheesecake Last in the Fridge Easily To Avoid It Being Spoilt!

How Long Does Cheesecake Last in the Fridge

Cheesecakes are everyone’s favorite. Whether it’s the plain ones or one that has the best toppings on it! But the primary question about cheesecakes happens to be how to store them well! And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. The soft creamy and delicate dessert can turn into a bowl of sloppy sweets that can be edible but definitely not appreciated.! So, without any further ado, let’s take a quick look at the following ways to store cheese and of course, answer your long-awaited question about how long does cheesecake last in the fridge if stored well!

How Long Does Cheesecake Last in the Fridge

The amazing history of cheesecake

The earliest known cheesecake was found during the ancient Greek times when the cheesecake was made with fresh cheese, flour, and honey. They used earthenware to make the cheesecake. In the later period, when the first English cookbook was released in Europe, the cheesecakes and cheese tarts recipes were included. And then started the craze of cheesecake in Europe as no English cookbook was ever released without a recipe for cheesecake. It later became a very famous dessert in America as well despite the English’s love for it. The Americans used a different recipe making it fluffier and much creamier. And thus, the whole world started getting a taste of it and started loving it extremely as well. 

How Long Does Cheesecake Last in the Fridge

How long does cheesecake last in the fridge?

If you are extremely tired and full, and you don’t wish to throw the leftover cheesecake away, then you are at the right place and at the right time. cheesecake is an extremely mysterious yet one of the most delicious desserts ever made. Nothing beats the feeling when the cheesecake just melts when we take a bite of it.

But a lot of people wonder about the correct way of storing the cheesecake and also how to make a proper cheesecake. Cream cheese and sour cream are one of the main ingredients of cheesecake, and they should not be left outside at room temperature for more than two hours. If you are wondering about your cheesecake batter or your cheesecake itself, you can keep it in your refrigerator for not more than 2-3 days.

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They are extremely prone to bacteria and can cause health hazards if you leave them for a long time. furthermore, as time passes by, the taste and texture of the cheesecake begin to change eventually losing its authentic flavor. If you are someone with a weak immune system, try to eat your cheesecake within a day. 

The proper way to store a cheesecake


When you are storing your cheesecake in the refrigerator, there are some ways that you need to follow in order to store it properly. Cheesecake is best eaten within 2-3 days after you buy it or make it at home, so you need to make sure to store it properly if you want to consume it. Here are some of the ways you can follow to store a cheesecake:

1. Get a cake carrier 

how long does cheesecake last in the fridge

A cake carrier is the best option if you want to store your cheesecake. A cake carrier will keep your cheesecake in shape and protect it from the other food items that are kept in the fridge.  All kinds of sizes are available in the market, and you can buy the one that suits your needs. You can easily store your cheesecake in the fridge for two or three days. If you do not have a cake carrier, then do not worry because we have got you covered. Take some toothpicks and gently stick them around the top of the cheesecake that you wish to store in the fridge. You can use six to eight toothpicks maximum. Now, loosely drape an aluminum foil to create a tent-like structure around the cheesecake. This will help the cheesecake remain fresh inside the freezer as it will act as a cake carrier.  

2. Container 

If you want to slice your cheesecakes and store them in the refrigerator, then a container will be the perfect option for you.You can use special cake containers for storing the cheesecakes. Cake containers are nothing but good quality plastic airtight containers that are ideal for storing slices of cheesecakes. If you do not have cake containers, you can also store the cheesecake in glass containers, but make sure that it is airtight. Avoid storing slices of cheesecakes in steel containers. If you do not possess glass or cake containers, you can keep the cheesecake in regular cardboard cake boxes. Keep in mind to cover the cheesecake in plastic or aluminum foil before putting it inside the regular cardboard cake box, for extra protection.

3. Use a plastic wrap

The best and one of the simplest ways to store your cheesecake is to use a plastic wrap. Cool down your cheesecake in a serving tray and wrap it directly with your plastic wrap.The worst-case scenario when you are using plastic wrap is that the plastic wrap may spoil any decorations or designs that are made on top of the cheesecake. What to do in this case? Well, you can do the same thing mentioned above. Take six to seven toothpicks and very gently stick them around the cheesecake. Loosely drape the plastic wrap over the cheesecake making sure that it is not hampering the decorations on the top and voila! You can now store it easily in the fridge.

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How Long Does Cheesecake Last in the Fridge

How Long Can a Cheesecake Stay Fresh at Room Temperature?

If you kept your cheesecake in the refrigerator, and later took it out to eat it, keep in mind to consume it in no more than two to three hours at room temperature. Cheesecakes thrive best in a colder place, for example, an air-conditioned room. In that case, the cheesecake will remain fresh and creamy for at least six to seven hours.  In rooms that have maximum room temperature, cheesecakes should be consumed within two hours or they should be refrigerated.

Can I freeze cheesecake?

You will be astonished to know this, but the answer is yes! You can surely freeze a cheesecake in a deep freezer and store it for up to a month. Although at this time your cheesecake will be safe to eat as it will not be prone to any bacterial growth, the quality of the cheesecake is likely to decrease. How to tell if the cheesecake has gone really bad? Well, it will have crusty and broken edges rather than smooth and soft edges.

Conclusive Insights

I hope you like our blog and find it relevant to the search that you have made. Cheesecakes are one of the best desserts to have ever existed and our blog has mentioned how you can keep your cheesecake in your refrigerator. There are plenty of ways to store your cheesecake in the fridge, and we have mentioned all about it. Make sure to eat your cheesecake when it is chilled to get the best taste out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to understand if the cheesecake is going bad?

The texture will become rubbery and it will go stale as well.

2. Can cheesecakes be stored in the refrigerator?

Yes, you can easily store your cheesecake in the refrigerator. 

3. What will happen if the cheesecake is not refrigerated?

It will lead to bacterial growth. 

4. Can one eat a cheesecake that is two-week-old?

No, you cannot.

5. Is cheesecake better when it is frozen or refrigerated?

It is better to freeze your cheesecake if you want to keep it for a long time and eat it without falling ill.

6. What is the best way to eat a cheesecake?

The best way to eat your cheesecake is to eat it with a fork.

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