How To Reuse Tea Bags: Ways You Never Even Thought Of

How To Reuse Tea Bags: Ways You Never Even Thought Of

So you were about to toss that spent tea bag into your bin, but ended up here searching ‘how to reuse tea bags?’ Good thing because tea bags have wonderful uses before they must see the face of a garbage bag. 

Moreover, reusing tea bags can add a bit of contribution towards a safer environment that is otherwise suffering from degradation from tea bags. If you don’t believe this, BBC reports that tea bags are generally made of plastic hence adding to plastic pollution. In addition, it’s a biting a bullet kind of task to decompose them, so reuse seems like a perfect way to balance it out a bit. Well, sticking to our topic of the day, what to do with used tea bags, let’s talk about some reuses of tea bags.

Green tea bags are even more useful. So if you’re a fitness frantic who sips down on green tea to cut down on body fat, don’t throw away the used tea bags, instead, use them wisely. Let’s explore how.

How To Reuse Tea Bags?

Here is how you can benefit from used tea bags:

1. Beautification Of Eyes

How To Reuse Tea Bags

To enhance the beautification of your eyes, tea bags must be your go-to option. For this purpose, take a used green tea bag(or any regular tea bag) and set it aside in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Afterward, put them on your closed eyes and let them relieve your sore and tired eye muscles. You will see a gradual reduction in your eye swelling just after a few uses.

2. Treats Mouth Ulcers

what to do with used tea bags

Mouth ulcers are really painful and irritating. You can’t keep your mind off them as long as they are there. That’s why you must know how to reuse tea bags to treat mouth ulcers. First of all, let the green tea bags or regular tea bags cool in the refrigerator. Once they are cold enough to feel, put them on the affected area for about 10 minutes. This way, you’ll get rid of the painful mouth ulcers.

3. Double Dose Of Tea

how do you reuse tea bags for tea?

Think of this: You got your morning dose of tea because without that you can’t think straight. As an avid tea lover, you might want to sip on some more tea and a little stronger. Then you realize there isn’t any more tea bag that you can use for the next cup. You can store the already-used tea bag in a glass of water, refrigerate it and use it once more later. However, you won’t get a taste as fresh as a new one.

4. Face Scrub

Tea bags also act as an exfoliant so you can use them for the beautification of your face. It diminishes wrinkles and if you happen to use green tea then it also proffers anti-oxidants. Pour out the contents of used tea bags into an empty bowl. Mix them with 1 tsp honey. Moving your hands in circular motions, apply the mixture on your face as a scrub.

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can you reuse green tea bags

After 20 minutes, wash your face with normal water, if you’ve time. In case you’re in a hurry this mixture can work wonders in 5 minutes as well. Then wash your face thoroughly with tap water.

5. Garden Compost

used tea bags for plants

Since you’re wondering how to reuse tea bags, tea leaves can be utilized in more than one way. They can also serve as an active garden charmer providing nutrients to plant soil. Profused with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, tea leaves have quintessential nutrients that boost soil health and increase good bacteria. But make sure to use them without the plastic sachet (so it’s better to remove the covering and empty the contents into a bowl) and any metal pins. 

6. Smell Absorbents

how to store used tea bags for reuse

Tea bags are highly aromatic and become absorbent after use. So once you’ve got the primary benefit of a tea bag, you must keep it in the refrigerator. Place the tea bag in a small dish or a bowl, then keep it in your refrigerator, changing it with a freshly used one every three days. Jasmine tea bags and peppermint tea bags are the most advisable for this purpose, though regular ones would also do. This was about how to reuse tea bags in the refrigerator, but did you know you can also use them as hand scrubs to get rid of the smell of garlic, spices, and vegetables? Well, now you do.

7. Treat Sunburn

tea bags to treat sunburns

Got sunburn? Well, then you must learn how to reuse tea bags to treat sunburn. Just applying cold already-used tea bags to the spots of sunburns can save you a lot from the long hauling hassles. The trick is to at least store the tea bags in the refrigerator for an hour. And then apply them to the affected areas.

8. Infuse Flavor To Your Dishes

tea bags to infuse flavors in dishes

Tea bags can also be used to infuse flavors in dishes of your choice. But yes, do this at your own risk to your taste buds. If you’re cooking for a special occasion and wish to surprise every guest with a brand new taste that hits something different (in a tasty way), be certain to try it yourself twice or thrice beforehand, so that you won’t shock them with an alienated and bad taste. Tea bags are generally used with rice and pasta. All you have to do is simply place the used tea bag in water to steep and let the ingredients infuse its taste and aroma.

9. Soothes Bug Bites 

cure bug bites with used tea bags

Tea bags provide instant relief from bug bites. Steep the already-used tea bag into the freshwater. Then let it come to room temperature. Then drench a cloth in the water infused with the already-used tea bag. Alternatively, you can use a cotton ball. It will also treat any rash in almost no time. If you have itchy skin you can consider a sponge bath using a tea bag infused with fresh water once a week.

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10. Clear Your Pan and Pots

save burnt pan and pots

Kitchen pots and pans become difficult to clean when stubborn burnt marks don’t leave the space. To get that shiny gloss back, make sure you know how to resume tea bags. For this purpose, keep one or two tea bags soaked in the burnt pot for at least 1 or 2 hours. Afterward, clean it as you normally do the dishes.

11. Glass Cleaner

home cleaning with used tea bags

Do you know how to reuse tea bags for cleaning your glass table or mirrors? If not then you must try it. You’ll surely love the after-effects, and see how it works like a charm. Rub the used tea bag (drench in water if dry) on the glass rotating it in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Then wipe off the mirror with a dried cotton cloth or towel.

12. Treat Pimples

fight pimple and acne with used tea bags

Whether a normal pimple or a cystic pimple, tea bags can help you get rid of them. Tea leaves possess antioxidants and antibacterial properties that keep pimples-causing germs at bay. Keep a used tea bag in the refrigerator for an hour, then use it on pimples. You’ll feel relieved from the pain; furthermore, it will dwindle in a few days.

13. Get Herbal Tea Bath

tea bags for herbal bath

If you are someone who loves to sip on herbal tea, that too, using tea bags, you can get the tea aroma profused bath. Just steep the used tea bags in the hot water bucket and get their temperature to normal so that your skin won’t burn while you bathe. This way you can use a tea bath but make sure to consult with a doctor before making it a routine activity.

14. Mouthwash

tea bag mouthwash

If you hate the quirky taste of chemical mouthwash, consider a homemade with a tea bag. Just steep an already-used tea bag in water and gargle with it daily after brushing. It will not only take the bad breath away but also get you rid of bacteria and germs. This is so because tea bags have profuse antioxidants and antibacterial qualities.


Normally we dump used tea bags into the dustbins. But have you ever wondered how to reuse tea bags? Tea bags can be used for multiple utilities and functions. Tea bags are the most convenient way to make tea instantly. But did you know how to reuse tea bags for a plethora of other things and get the plethora of other stuff done?

If not, then give a read to the above-listed ways to reuse tea bags and get a lot of stuff done just right away. From beauty-related stuff to getting your racks to smell pleasantly to getting your dishes clean, everything that you didn’t even think of can be done by reusing tea bags.

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