Error “$annotatedconnectexception”

There are few things as frustrating as running into error codes like$annotatedconnectexception, particularly when you don’t know the problem.

What kind of error is:$annotatedconnectexception

Just put, this is a communication failure where your machine attempts to create a connexion to the Minecraft server you choose, which either fails because of the server that you do not accept your request or because you do not have the signal back to Minecraft.

How will this error be resolved?

Let’s start with some simple solutions for almost any error in solving this problem. Don’t skip them unless you tried them already, because these are the simplest solutions which take the least time!

Solution 1: Restart your Router

A restart of your router is the first solution for fixing the Minecraft AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException problem. You must make sure the cables are in the right place. You will restart the router if you use Wi-Fi. If that doesn’t work, switch to the following solutions.

Solution 2: Check Software Permissions for Firewall

If the Windows Defender Firewall prevents the link to Minecraft’s server, “ AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException timed out” can also appear. You may also attempt to check the permissions of the firewall app to address the problem. Here’s how to do it:

  • Phase 1: Select the Windows Defender firewall button. Open Control Panel.
  • Phase 2: Then, via the Windows Defender Firewall option, click the Enable an app or feature.
  • Phase 3: Now, click Changing Settings. Then check all of the Java (TM) Platform SE binary Public and Private Boxes and press the OK button.
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Now you can verify if the timed-out problem of the Minecraft AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException link is resolved.

Solution 3: Turn off the firewall for Windows Defender

To ensure Minecraft cannot block links to the server, you can turn off Windows Defender Firewall. Thus turning off Windows Defender Firewall may be useful in fixing the issue of “ AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException timed-out link.” You should try it with the steps below.

  • Phase 1: Open the Windows Run and enter the firewall.cpl program. Then select OK to open the “Windows Defender Firewall”.
  • Phase 2: Open the Configure Settings, by choosing Switch on or off the Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Phase 3: Check all the options to turn Windows Defender Firewall off (not recommended) and click the OK button.

Now check if the problem of “ AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException denied” still exists.

Solution 4: Manually add an IP address and a port

The Minecraft AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException problem can arise if your Internet connexion uses a dynamic IP address and not a static IP. To fix the problem, you can manually add the IP address and port.

  • Phase 1: In the Search window, type Command Prompt. Then right-click it to select “Run as Administrator”.
  • Phase 2: Type ipconfig, and take IPV4 Address note.
  • Phase 3: Open File Explorer and go to folder Minecraft Servers > Maxwell (some numbers at random)>MinecraftServer. Then open the text document about the Server Resources.
  • Phase 4: Take note of the port number of the Server. Open Minecraft and navigate to the option Multiplayer Play.
  • Phase 5: Click on the server to enter, and choose Edit. The IPV4 address is needed.
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Now we can address the problem of “$annotatedconnectexception.”



This article lets you learn how to address a Windows 10 problem “ AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException.” If you have the same problem, refer to this post and use the above methods to resolve it.

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