Thinking of Giving a Second Chance to Jaclyn Cosmetics- Here’s What to Know

With feud settling between makeup & beauty influencers Tati Westbrook and James Charles, the drama has been turning to the fellow influencer, familiar with the name Jaclyn Hill whose much-awaited and anticipated makeup product has just launched with some criticism surrounding its quality and sanitation! So, does the recently launched Jaclyn Cosmetics product deserve a second chance? To know more, keep reading on.

Upon receiving numerous passive-aggressive customer complaints, Hill’s immediate response to deleting the social media accounts and website of her brand took down with promising refunds to the customers. July 23 witnessed the day when Hill got back on her social media accounts, issuing an apology on the YouTube channel. Giving understanding solutions of what exactly went wrong with previous Jaclyn Cosmetics, Hill has the answers now!

So, what exactly went wrong with Jaclyn Cosmetics?

Hill happens to be one of the beauty influencers who started a YouTube channel before eight years with six million subscribers. She has been credited with Becca Cosmetics upon partnering with this particular brand and collaborating on the Pop highlighter! The second collaboration of her was with some brand that earned over $3.5 million during the first day. Hill even collaborated with Morphe for the eye shadow palette in the year 2015. And then, she came up with her own brand!

Hill’s fans impatiently awaited her makeup line ever since 2014 when she started hinting at it. And May 23 witnessed the day when Hill posted one revealing video on her YouTube channel where she mentions her brand that it would launch in the following week.

The 35-minute video post was a revelation of how Jaclyn Cosmetics is getting updated with 20 nude lipsticks no sooner than later. To her, there were a number of things that went wrong with the product, the small things which aren’t that big! However, to her, the small things were unnoticeable. Since it has her name on the products, it really bothered her mentally, keeping her awake at the nights. She also states that it took time ensuring that the products come with the best formula to meet Hill’s standards. But soon, the controversy began!


Despite having a massive fan base, she wasn’t met with the expected praise that she had expected ever since she thought of launching her brand. Time and again, customers started sharing posts where the new lipstick range of Jaclyn Cosmetics appeared to come with small hairs with round particles that are attached to the bullet lipsticks. Customers even claim that the lipsticks were simply not safe for using and even were unsanitary! Some even claimed that the products had mold.

To these claims, Hill responded with answers to it. She stated that the lipstick didn’t contain hair but these were the threads from the factory workers’ gloves where these lipsticks got produced!

Sources claim that one of the prominent customers made the use of a microscope to give a close view of these lipsticks containing holes and hairs! Customers even stated that the application! Hill took this accusation to the next level, giving evidence about the manufactory date of the lipsticks that were just two weeks before the date of launch. However, Hill ended that 14-minute video with an apology.

Marlena Stell, one of an original beauty influencer of Hill, posted one and a half hours long vide on June 25 dubbed ‘Dear Influencers’. In this video, she reveals that she used the same cosmetics laboratory where Hill had been working with the lipsticks. Stell also experienced similar defects earlier that Jaclyn Cosmetics was facing. So, before the launch of the products, Stell changed the lab. However, it is not yet clear whether or not Hill left that lab!

The brand then posted that it will refund the customers who had earlier purchased the lipsticks from Jaclyn Cosmetics and Hill then deleted the social media accounts excluding the YouTube channel. Her mom thanked people for supporting and expressing the disappointments. She expressed her state by commenting that none deserves to get beaten while already down and sad.

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After all that happened, Hill courageously posts a 19-minute video where she elaborated on how she went through after deleting her social media accounts. She states that she might be doing the biggest challenging thing in her life by posting this video. But she states the words of Kurt Cobain by saying that she would want to be hated for who she is rather be loved for who she is not! She even states that the failure still chokes her! She also explains how passionately she had wanted to build her own make-up brand ever since she worked at MAC in Chicago. She also states that she had been trusting the wrong people! And she hinted at the fact that she would be launching a new product line with a new laboratory. Well, that’s how the highlighters have come to the forefront!

Here Goes an Introduction to the Highlighters

Hill’s brand has launched the holiday collection for makeup containing a total of 12 highlighters alongside three brushes. These products are available on the Jaclyn Cosmetics website for the prices that range from $20 to $120. The insiders were provided with a review of the full collection. From the reviews, it is evident that these products can deserve a second chance! Upon tasting the highlighters, it is evident that Hill might make a comeback with the recent product lineup. It is true that in the past Hill had made some major mistakes throughout her career! But as per beliefs, it is presumed that this highlighter range can redeem Hill’s reputation in this cosmetics industry. To portray things in a nutshell, the highlighter palette by Hill is supposed to be stunning. With these highlighters, you apparently can achieve an additional glow.

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