Taylor Swift at AMA Nominated Against Legends Won The Artist of The Year Award

The American Music Award has been one of the most prestigious platforms all through these years that have given a chance several artists to showcase their potentials and get the flavor of their fan craze many times.

The AMA 2019 has been a memorable loaded by the presence of several music legends from all over adding a new edge to the music industry of America. There were several popular vocalists and soloists who have been nominated in the AMA 2019 but it was finally taken away by none other than the queen of country-pop and guitar, Taylor Swift. 

Taylor Swift at AMA – Swift nominated against the literal legends music industry

She had been nominated against some of the literal legends in the music industry and the names include Drake, Ariana Grande, post-Malone, Halsey. Swift, I know for writing and composing songs based on her own personal lives. ‘Teardrops on my guitar’, ‘love story’ are some of the blazing examples among her old songs. There are also many new tracks that are based on her real-life stories and tales and this stands as a strong signature f her style.

Her songs are known for their narrative styles and meaningful lyrics that did not take the millennials and Gen Z to comprehend and cherish. Her composed tracks and overall music career gained massive media coverage that she had often spoken about in her interviews and the award ceremonies. Taylor Swift at AMA 2019 was yet another breakthrough this year.

Taylor Swift at AMA breaks record surprising the entertainment world

There are many personalities in the music industry but not many have managed to win consecutive six awards one after another and one of them is the AMA. She is the winner of several awards at a comparatively young age than that of any other personality in the world of music.

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It has been stated and is all over the media that Swift has literally ended up being the most successful arrests in the history of awards so far that added on to the existing reputation of her music career. She is considered a tough competitor by her co-stars today who are equally inspired by her never-ending enthuse and hard work in music and definitely her constant releases.

Taylor Swift at AMA speaks about her journey of the year 2019 and how she has aced the ups and downs in the entire year imposed by her constantly evolving and booming music career. She thanks everyone regarding their award however the ones she thanks the most are her beloved ones from her friends, family and acquaintance group and the fans who have been supporting her for so long.

She mentions the time when she was not as successful in her career and how she had worked for fifteen years to reach the peak she is today. But mostly she stresses how her fans have had the patience to not label her like anything and always be upright for her both god and bad creations ad compositions.

The first expression of Taylor when she has announced the Artist of the Year

Quite some suspense have been created before Taylor Swift at AMA had been declared as the Artist of the year but when it was finally announced, we see the Diva trying to swallow in her excitement and walk sanely up to the dream platform of AMA 2019. We get to see Taylor Swift at AMA wearing an exclusive, gorgeous gown with long flares in the color baby pink and shimmers on it. It completely brought out the Taylor Swift personality how we have always cherished here. Swift walks across the wave of hands held out towards her for little attention with grace and joy walking up the stairs of the stage.

Her expression throughout n her way to receive the Award has been unbelievable till she starts her speech. Taylor did not rely on an articulated speech. As she mentioned that she did not have anything articulated to say on stage s she did not believe in the first place that being nominated against such legends she would sill deserve the AMA. She mentioned that this was a real honor for her to win this award at such an early stage of her career but was glad that her fans thought she deserved it.

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A few special picks from her speech

Swift has been speaking about her AMA experience in several interviews and lectures. They have literally gone viral on social media, her fan pages, and other social media channels. She expressed not only joy, pride but an equal amount of tears being utterly thankful to the people who have had her back all this time. Lucien Grainge, Monte Lipman, is some of the many names she had mentioned.

Swift also adds that how her co-artists and coaches have always allowed her to stick to her own creations and innovation rather than forcing her t7 work under anybody’s supervision. She mentions she has always been allowed to take complete advantage of the concept of liberty of artists and she believes that everyone should deserve the same.

She had the freedom to whatever songs she wanted to write, lyrics she wanted to tweak, tunes she wanted to compose or the genres she wanted to pick. There have been no barriers on her way as such from her co-workers as well as her fans. The winner of the six trophies and the AMA considers this as a massive reason behind her success today.

Several years back Swift has moved all the way from her birthplace Reading, Pennsylvania with plenty of courage and hope to Nashville, Tennessee only at the age of fourteen to make a career in country music. Today, she is standing right amidst the music legends with chains of fan followers across the world is the owner of not just any other award but the most prestigious AMA.  She is determined to carry forward her noble venture in the long run and provide her audiences with something to cherish every year this way.

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