Joaquin Phoenix Alluring The Golden Globe 2020 With His Extraordinarily Modest Speech

Joaquin Phoenix

The ambiance and entire flavor of the Golden globe in 2020 require the least introduction. Its extraordinary moments are viral almost everywhere and much have been talked about in it. The most renowned personalities from Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Olivia Colman, Jennifer Aniston, to Reese Witherspoon, there are faces from Hollywood who have been taking the world by storm. Each of the talks and performances was a unique treasure of sharing and secrets to the audiences and one of those prominent faces who have not missed the opportunity to grab the attention of the world, the media, and the press with his marvelous talk is none other than Joaquin Phoenix!

The man needs the least introduction as he is known for playing one of the most crucial and hyped characters in the DC movies. You can already guess who is being talked about here! Born in San Juan, in Puerto Rico, to parents John Bottom and Arlyn, Phoenix has been brought up in a creative ambiance which stimulated his love and respect for the career in acting even more. The character of joker had gained a different identity altogether when Phoenix took up the chore! 

His speech was one of the most significant ones, the clips of which were literally all over the trailers of NBC, the highlights, promos, and previews on the web. Joaquin Phoenix is known for playing many of his roles in some of the most renowned movies of all times which include the Master, Walk the Line, I’m Still Here, Inherent Vice, Signs and many more. But Joker was the recent significant big-screen work that hit the box office by storm. 

What the valuable and humble words destined in Phoenix’s speech

Joaquin Phoenix

Joker has always been a character in the DC movies that held huge expectation from the crowd. Whoever has played it are the names and personas that require zero introductions and have made their places in the history of films and media and undoubtedly Heath Ledger is one of them. Hence Joaquin Phoenix continued his humble, down to earth and extremely heart-warming speech saying that he shall try to perform better every time he gets an opportunity. H proceeded that he was thankful that he got the opportunity to play such a hefty character like Joker. He also thanked the audience and everyone else from the media industry to put up with him all this while. Phoenix mentioned that he was grateful for the night and the opportunity he got to receive the award in one of the most special nights of 2020. 

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The actor has been nominated for Oscar three times and has also been the owner of the best actor award, the Grammy award and more. However, he expressed how grateful he was to attain the golden opportunity to share the prestigious platform of the golden Globe 2020 and get his name added along with the rest of the eminent personalities from the media industry present there. He also mentioned that he is more than glad and more than proud to become the second face of Joker and he shall only work his best to enhance the character even more. 

Golden Globe 2020 brought Phoenix’s authenticity into prominence

Well, this is the industry of Hollywood that is being spoken about here and celebs are often known for their comparatively fabricated image and repute, for which obviously they cannot be dodged. However, Joaquin Phoenix is best recognized for his highly loyal, honest and interesting mage and how he always likes keeping it real. The fact was quite evident in his speech of golden Globe this time that attracted the attention of the media and fans even more 

Joaquin Phoenix mentions Climate change above all

Well, what was more interesting and touching about his speech was that he mentioned the climate cage before anything else. This was quite a neutral, significant, sensible and sensitive topic to start a speech and Joaquin Phoenix definitely chose this for the opening. A man who has been known for always putting adherence ahead of anything would definitely pick a topic like climate change. The speech has begun in a coherent manner leaving huge thanks to you to the Hollywood Foreign Press. 

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The reason of the thanking mentioned identifying the fine line between climate change and animal agriculture. However, the ultimate skeptic of the award show proceeded by explaining to his audience that there is no such thing as competition. If there was any, it was introduced or made to boost advertisement and television show sales. The speech covered many more thoughtful and touching arena like this which brushed the minds of the stars from Hollywood as well as the audiences all over the world but did not surprise them. The reason is if Joaquin Phoenix wouldn’t speak that way then who would? 

Why the Joaquin Phoenix speech required censoring in Golden Globe

Joaquin Phoenix

Well, it can be part of the Phoenix gesture of authenticity, or a tactic to driver guest attention or maybe simply a way of talking with an honest tone, the use of swears did not cease there. The American broadcast had to censor the speech of Joaquin Phoenix in quite some parts before leaving it in the air for the world to hear. However, there is a million channels hat broadcasted his speech and there are definitely a few that did not hesitate to leave out the speech uncensored. A twitter-user from London recorded the speech and did no mind uploading the uncensored version of Phoenix’s speech. 

The star held u one of the most intellectual speeches in the Golden Globe this year, for which there were even some questions asked back to him as well. He seemed to have calmly and intelligently with his complete wit, respond to those. Phoenix ended his speech with a good dose of humor which left the audience laughing and giving him a huge round of applause that he definitely deserved and more. This was undoubtedly considered as one of the most prominent and priceless moments in Golden globe 2020 and definitely a soul touching capture for fans of Phoenix.

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