Joaquin’s Take On Playing The New Joker

An unconventional villain created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson for the comic book, Batman by DC Comics, Joker is one of the widely acclaimed and loved supervillains of all time. Joker witnessed some tremendous transformations in its character in the comic series. According to the writers of the comic series, Joker’s character was planned to be killed during its appearance in the initial chapters. Due to the applause and love received from readers for this, supervillain made them endure this character.

Depicting the wrong, the evil, the dark, and the chaos, Joker has always intrigued and gripped audiences. A counter character for the good and desirable, Batman, Joker has always balanced Batman being a constant rival to him.

Joker’s character wasn’t only limited to the comic series. When Batman was adapted into television series and movies, the producers never forget to bring in Joker’s character. Over the years, Joker has been played by many leading actors who have given their personalized touch to the role with their impeccable acting skills.

Whether it was Cesar Romeo from Batman’s television series (1996-1998) or Heath Ledger from the Batman movie, The Dark Knight (2008), every other actor has showcased tremendous performance in portraying the evil psychopath and prankster.

Joaquin Phoenix As Joker

Fascinated by the supervillain character, the American actor-director Todd Philips started thinking of making a standalone Joker movie. Todd began to film Joker from 2016 with a view to releasing the film without a DCEU background. He wished to launch a franchise, i.e., DC Black, which will not be connected to DCEU. The movie started to develop in August 2017. While Todd donned the director’s hat and became the co-writer with Scott Silver, Martin Scorsese sat on the producer’s chair.

When it came to select the actor to play the iconic role of Joker in this standalone Joker movie, which was titled “Joker,” Joaquin Phoenix was chosen without any doubts. The Golden Globe actor was always the first choice for Joker’s character. In Joker, Joaquin plays the role of Arthur Fleck, who is a struggling standup comedian taking care of his mentally sick mother.

Arthur takes the path of crime when he is continuously failed with audiences. He believed that he was an illegitimate son of Thomas Wayne, but after confronting him, it was discovered that he was an abandoned orphan. The storyline of the movie and Joaquin’s character portrayal has acclaimed ample appreciation since the trailer has been released. As soon as the movie released, it was equally appreciated by both audiences and critics.

Joaquin On Playing the Unconventional Joker

Viewers across the globe have been congratulating and praising Joaquin for his unique portrayal of Joker in the movie. Recently, Joaquin Phoenix went to Jimmy Fallon’s show, where he shared his experience of filming the movie. He started the interview by saying that Joker movie is special to him; he has put a lot of effort and dedication into making the character real and acceptable. The following are some instances from the interview that made quite a buzz among the fans.

Dramatic Weight Loss

Jimmy Fallon started the interview by asking Joaquin that how much weight has he lost for the movie as he is seen really skinny in the movie. To this, Joaquin humorously added, “A lot of weight, apparently.” The Joker is generally extremely skinny, with long limbs that add a terrifying look to the character. Just like all his other movies, Joaquin is always ready to go to any extent to make his character larger than life. With Joker, Joaquin has definitely added madness to the method acting.

Danced Like A Kid

Joker is a psychopath and in order to showcase a humorous yet fearful side of the character. On Jimmy Fallon’s show, Joaquin expressed that he danced like a kid to highlight the psychotic side of Joker. Both Jimmy and Joaquin exchanged some jokes about dancing. Joaquin also stated that his favorite dancing style is breakdance. Apart from dancing, Joaquin also made quite extreme efforts to put himself into the shoes of the Joker. According to sources, the actor has been seen running across the streets of New York in Joker’s makeup and burgundy suit just to get the hang of the character.

Had Fun While Shooting

Though it was always a challenge to play such intense character which had been played by numerous other actors in the past, Joaquin never got overwhelmed by any such factors. He took his own path of becoming the unique Joker. Joaquin agreed in the show that he had so much fun while shooting the movie. Every day he would come back home learning something new that would help him in his acting career. There were days when he had worked straight for 24 hours without rest and sleep, but everything was worth the effort when the end results were remarkable.

Joker is undoubtedly the best supervillain who has acquired a permanent spot in his fan’s heart. Every actor who has ever played Joker has given a personalized touch to the character. The recent addition to the Joker movies is a standalone movie written and directed by Todd Philip. (Cialis UK)

Joaquin Phoenix, who played the character of Joker, recently went to Jimmy Fallon’s show, where he shared his thoughts and experience regarding the movie. Joaquin had always been searching for a character like Joker, where he can experiment with the role and work on something that is out of his comfort zone.

All the efforts and dedication that Joaquin has put into the movie is quite evident with appreciation the movie has been receiving. If you haven’t yet watched, hit your nearest theatres now and get yourself mesmerized by this brand new Joker.

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