Six activities you can do as a substitute to exercise

Who does not want to stay fit? Who does not desire to fit in their old tank tops? Can you tell me that you do not get a little tensed if your tummy takes a peek? Honestly, there is no denial of that. Irrespective of sex, gender, age, and ethnicity, everyone longs a perfect body and healthy hygiene. Daily exercise is one way of achieving that. The problem is who has got time for that? In the busy schedule of office, hang-out with friends, dating, and alone evenings with Netflix, exercise does not quite fit in.

Moreover, you would not particularly love to spend some free hours doing a chore-like activity, such as exercise. Better gather some extra inches around your waist than sweating out like the proverbial pig while doing pull-ups and push-ups. Am I right, gal?

On the other hand, we enjoy doing rigorous jobs if we enjoy doing that. Don’t we? We play football, we shop in six different malls, and we re-arrange our living room and many more daily activities. During such events, we work hard even without realizing that. We would not mind doing these things because we enjoy them. So if you want to lose some adamant inches, you can take refuge in some fun activities which you may enjoy. Here are some actions you might be regular with:


Swimming is a great way to stay fit. It involves every muscle of your body. There is not a single scope of doubt about the efficacy of swimming. And it is also an activity that everybody enjoys. A little splish-splash with a good friend is fun. If swimming alone bores, you take a friend with you. There are excellent swimming clubs in every town. Those places are pleasant as well. You can never get bored around pool water. If you have an excellent team of swimmers, you can play water polo, which requires more hard work than pure freestyle.


Whether shopping for vegetables and groceries or dresses and cosmetics, it is a tedious job that people enjoy quite unjustifiably. People who are aware of fashion can go on browsing five multi-storied malls without getting tired. So shopping is an activity that we enjoy, and it helps us stay active for some three to four hours. These days, we prefer online shopping for groceries or vegetables. We suggest you go offline and visit the nearby market. It involves walking, going up and down the stairs, bending and squatting over vegetable stalls to check their freshness, carrying heavy weight shopping bags, and walking back to your apartment. ( Voila! The day’s hard work is done before you even know it.

Walking pets:

If you have a pet, you can understand this idea of loveable hard work quickly. If you have a dog or any other pet that needs a walk, you can take her to walk. For example, an adult Labrador needs 4 to 5 hours of exercise vis-à-vis activity. On a walk, she walks less and runs more to catch a butterfly. So it would be best if you ran after her to get hold of her lease. Usually, your exercise is done as well as her. Moreover, bathing her is another activity that you would love and lose an inch doing. Trust me, she will rather play dead near the bathtub than getting into it like a good girl.


Well, hello, girls. You might add to your fitness quotient while getting laid. Sex reduces high blood pressure. It helps us decrease the stress level. You can increase your immunity system by having regular sex. If you have pain in several joints, good sex can relieve you from that pain. The scientific reports say an adult who has regular sex lives longer compared to an adult who does not have regular sex. Not only physical health, but sex also helps us maintain good mental health as well. Don’t you feel happy after sex? It is because of the release of the oxytocin hormone, the cuddle hormone. (lyrica) So, next time in bed, be more comfortable because you will become more fit after it.


Gardening requires you to do a lot of hard work. A garden always needs maintenance. The little saplings are the naïve children of nature who need constant care and love. Moreover, the landscape needs work as well. Gardening is not a hobby where you can set it and, on the next minute, forget it. You have to work hard for maintaining the soil, planting the saplings, removing the weeds, applying pesticides, getting rid of animals from ravishing the plants, and many more. Wouldn’t you be happy if you have a garden full of your favorite blossoms? So, gardening would never feel tedious, would it?


Having children around can be very engaging. If your child is a toddler, firstly, there is a lot of laundry work you have to do daily. Secondly, you can put her in the stroller and go for a walk. Spending time with your baby is a quality tie for both of you. And the fitness it entails is the cherry on the top. If you are a parent of a teenager, play with her, shop with her, and go to her parent-teacher meetings. Take one day out of your busy schedule and make a round of the town. Tell her about the history of the place you live in. A day like this can turn into something that you will cherish forever.

Staying fit is closely related to staying happy. So whatever you do, feel good about yourself. High self-esteem can remove every aspect of negativity from your life. And never be stagnant. Always be engaged in some work that your heart wants. Activities can be real substitutes for a rigorous and dry regime of exercise. Whereas you will get quickly bored doing plank and Pilates, you will love (with super extra ‘o’s) to spend a day with your fluff ball pet or your cuddly little daughter.

So stay happy, stay fit!

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