John Krasinski Spreading ‘Some Good News’ In The Time Of Pandemic

John Krasinski

With the Coronavirus outbreak, the whole world has been locked down in their homes. And this has given people plenty of free time to do things, they otherwise couldn’t. Some people are cooking, some are cleaning their houses, while others are busy building a new hobby. Everyone is trying to keep themselves busy in the best way possible. And as the positive cases are increasing every day, it has become even more important for people to stay inside. The news channels, social media, newspapers, each and every place is filled with tragic news from all over the world. So it has become necessary to bring up some good news at this time so that a little positivity can be spread. A lot of celebrities are trying to help people in one way or the other. Some of them are trying to shoot DIY shows from their homes and deliver it through YouTube so that people can be entertained while staying in their homes. Out of them, a recent YouTube show gained a lot of popularity in very little time. All thanks to the American actor and filmmaker John Krasinski.

John Krasinski decided to do a DIY news show on YouTube, named ‘Some Good News With John Krasinski.’ On March 26, 2020, Krasinski asked his followers on twitter to send him some positive news that had made them smile through the week. He started the tweet with “How about #somegoodnews,” which surely gave hope for positivity to the people. Then on March 29, 2020, he created his own YouTube channel named ‘SomeGoodNews’ and uploaded the first episode of ‘Some Good News With John Krasinski.’

The First Episode

John Krasinski

Krasinski started the episode with an SGN logo and himself as a news anchor. After the salutation, he cleared people’s doubts about SGN by telling them that he has always wondered why there is no news channel that is entirely dedicated to the good news. Then he mentioned his tweet and said that after reading the replies to that tweet he felt like why not him. And hence, he started this DIY news channel where he will put up a series of good news. Here are some pieces of good news that he shared in his show.

  • The first point Krasinski mentioned was how the health care community is serving people all around the selflessly. He also mentioned how these people are helping others by risking their own health. And also that the whole world is appreciating their efforts in their own ways. Some are shown clapping, while some are shown flashing lights.
  • The second good news was how people are helping others from their homes. Like some of them are putting up sanitizers and tissue rolls outside their house for the delivery people. While a man was shown mowing his neighbor’s garden because he was deployed overseas and his family was alone in the house. Another man from Maine bought a hundred lobsters in order to help the lobsterman and then cooked them and delivered them to his neighbors.
  • The next few news on ‘Some Good News’ were about people maintaining social distancing. A grandfather met his little grandson for the first time through a window to maintain the proper distance. Then a man was shown proposing his girlfriend in front of an Eiffel Tower painting as their plan to visit Paris got canceled. And she said yes, Krasinski mentioned. In Alabama, an 81-year-old man visited his wife, who was kept in isolation and sang a song with her through the pane.
  • The next good news was the 15 year anniversary of The Office. It was a show in which John Krasinski played the role of Jim Halpert and became quite famous amongst the audience of the show. Krasinski then called his co-actor from the show who played his boss’ role, Steve Carell. When Steve praised the SGN logo in the background, John said that it was made by his daughters. They both discussed how John is just wearing the formal upper half and the bottoms are not worth showing on camera. (Advair diskus) They also shared some of their best memories from the show. After this, Steve said that some of his life’s best memories are associated with the show. With that, John took leave from Steve.
  • John came back to the series of good news. He then mentioned his favorite good news of the week and that was: A 15-year-old Californian girl, Coco, returns home back from her last chemotherapy treatment. Not only that but to celebrate her return, her friends also put on a social distant celebration. Then a video was shown in which her friends and their families were cheering and clapping from their cars to welcome her. They also decorated those cars.
    John Krasinski
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John then connected to Coco and called her his newest hero. They talked about her chemotherapy treatment and the current coronavirus pandemic situation. Then John told Coco about the idea of his show and said that he doesn’t think he will be able to find better good news than hers. To which Coco replied that she would be looking forward to his show. And they bid bye.

With this, Krasinski ended the series of good news. He then reminded people that no matter how tough life gets, there will always be good in the world and he will be bringing some of it on ‘Some Good News’. And when he got up after saying goodbye, his blue-colored PJs were flashed on the camera which he was wearing all along under his formal upper half (As Steve mentioned during their chat).


In this time of panic, it is such a good deed to spread some good news in the world. And when it comes from beloved John Krasinski, it becomes even better for his fans. According to John, he soon will be coming up with more episodes of ‘Some Good News’ and will be spreading more positivity in the world. We all will look forward to his next episode and will see what shockingly good news he brings from around the world.

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